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Sales Forecasting, Analytics, & CRM

Sales Forecasting, Analytics & CRM

Sales Management / Nov 28, 2016 / Nikolaus Kimla

With the right tools, your sales forecast can be effective and accurate. The right CRM solution helps you get your bearings within the tangled web of sales metrics, and see the clear picture of the story your numbers are telling. Download this free ebook and learn how to properly analyze your sales pipeline, and create ... Read Post

5 Essential Principles for Sales Fitness

For Sales Pros / Feb 20, 2018 / Nikolaus Kimla

What does fitness mean for a salesperson? Hint: it’s not just being buff. Fitness is an interesting subject. It certainly means staying bodily fit–and the tens of thousands of gyms seen all over our cities serve as reminders of how much attention people have on toned physiques today. But it also means staying fit in ... Read Post

Is Entrepreneurship Dead

Is Entrepreneurship Dead?

Entrepreneurs / Mar 27, 2017 / Nikolaus Kimla

While many will find the title controversial, especially given today’s climate of fostering startups, Nikolaus actually believes that entrepreneurship, as it is presented in many arenas, is actually dead and, in fact, could never get off the ground in the way it is often proposed. Read Post

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5 Smart Referral Selling Steps

5 Smart Referral Selling Steps

Are you neglecting the crucial step of asking for a referral? There are a lot of crucial things to do in sales. But, are you missing out on one of the most crucial steps? Asking for referrals is key to getting more business, increasing your revenue, and growing your business. There are numerous benefits to ... Read Post

Tools for your productivity
Tools / Jan 18, 2017 / Sales POP! Recommends
The Account Profiler

The Account Profiler

Qualify accounts and track information about contacts, sales account profile, and sales in process. Knowing Your Buyer The first and most important thing you’d like to know about the decision-makers in your prospect company is: what is motivating them to be interested in your product or service? In other words, you want to discover the ... Read Post

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Sales Process Automation
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