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Creating a Sales Force

Creating a Sales Force

Sales Management / Nov 25, 2016 / Nikolaus Kimla

Central to any company’s sales efforts is, of course, its sales force. A topflight sales force isn’t just something that happens all on its own—it is composed of individuals, each of which have become properly skilled. Today an expert sales force cannot exist without the right CRM solution—and an effective, empowering CRM solution is central ... Read Post

Sales Training for the 21st Century

Sales Training for the 21st Century

Sales Training / Mar 15, 2018 / John Golden

Sales. It’s right at the center of a company’s revenue strategy. Without sales, revenue doesn’t happen at all. With the right sales team and the right strategy–and of course the right product or service–it’s a rocket ride right out through the top. But what comes before all that? You guessed it: sales training. Join us ... Read Post

Is Cloud Computing Right for your Small Business

Is Cloud Computing Right for Your Small Business?

Entrepreneurs / Nov 25, 2016 / Pipeliner

A question in the minds of many businesses these days is: Should we move our business computing operations to the cloud, or should we “stay on the ground?” What are the benefits? What are the risks? Is it safe? Is it cost-effective? Research has found that the decision for any business to move IT operations ... Read Post

Basic Essentials of Sales Management

Sales Management / Sep 18, 2020 / Nikolaus Kimla

This is the first in a series of ebooks covering the vital subject of Sales Management. In this ebook, we’re going to cover the basic essentials of the subject: Getting rapidly up and running when you’re first put on the job, taking on a team, the mindset you need, the subject of management, a sales manager’s virtues, dealing with people, and the technology you need. Read Post

Tools for your productivity
Tools / Feb 20, 2017 / Sales POP! Recommends
Sales Opportunity Evaluation Scorecard

Sales Opportunity Evaluation Scorecard

Identify and evaluate any sales opportunity to prioritize your sales pipeline and keep it accurate and actionable. Learn How to Identify a Good Sales Opportunity Nancy is a sales rep for a company that sells office furnishings. They include chairs, desks, couches, conference tables and any other such items needed. Nancy’s company generally qualifies opportunities with this ... Read Post

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