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Blog / Jan 15, 2019 / John Golden

Building Your Brand of Gold: 6 Step Process

There is a lot of conversation circulating about building your personal brand. If you take a look online, you might see personal branding defined 1 as “the practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as brands,” with terms like “self-packaging” thrown into the mix. But, the discussion about personal branding is fairly superficial; what ... Read More

TV Sales Expert Insights Series / Jan 16, 2019 / Mark S. Babbitt

The Social Age

As the workforce transitions from an industrial age to the social media age, we discuss the leadership role within the workforce also transitioning.  Exploring how defining your company values, behaviors and culture create a dynamic workplace to leverage social media.  In an age where the workforce now looks for fulfillment and recognition in exchange for ... Play video

The Social Age
E-books / Dec 12, 2018 / Nikolaus Kimla

Who Are You? (Building character)

In this ebook, Nikolaus Kimla discusses the two pillars of the future are technology, and human beings and how you have to have the perfect technology, and then the perfect human being in application, performance, and presentation. He argues that today and into the future, it’s a 50-50 balance. In the past, it was perhaps ... Read More

EVENTS / Upcoming events

#SalesChats: Sales Trends That You Need To Know About In 2019

Jan 16, 2019 / 9:11 am

Watch Live Here: So what are the prevailing winds in 2019 that can power you to sales success? Andy Paul joins host John Golden to discuss the hottest sales trends for the year ahead. Find out what the biggest opportunities are for growth and what obstacles to watch out for. Plus Andy will outline any […]

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