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If there were awards for losing papers, I would win the award. Business cards are even smaller, which makes them even easier to lose. Gone are the days of taking business cards and losing them at the bottom of my purse, or letting them deteriorate in a hidden pocket of my wallet. CamCard makes it so easy to scan a business card. It automatically takes all of the information from the card, and saves it in the app, or you can create a new contact right from the photo. It has helped me stay organized and network better, and I have less clutter. It’s great all around.

Reviewer Information: Melinda Melburg

Vendor Provided Information:
Read business cards accurately in 17 languages & used by 100 million users.

* Apple App Store 2014 Top Paid App
* Must-Have Apps for Salespeople –
* Bringing Order to the Chaos of Business Cards – The New York Times
* The business cards just jump into your phones – CBS TV

CamCard is the easiest app to manage and exchange business cards, the perfect fit for sales people, entrepreneurs, business developers or marketing experts, and anyone who want to be one.

* Scan and store your business cards, never miss a card
* Exchange e-cards when running out of paper cards
* Add notes & reminders to contacts
* Get contact updates. Be the first one to say congrats
* Enrich your profile to tell people more about yourself
* Search contacts’ company news to start a good conversation
* Navigate to contact addresses in Map
* Access contact information across multiple devices
* Manage contacts from all over the world with 17 recognition languages

Upgrade CamCard Premium Account to enjoy Premium:
1. Unlimited times of card recognition (500 times under regular account)
2. No ads: Remove ads in Camcard
3. Multi-device support:You may login your account on other devices without limitations.
4. Secretary Scan Mode: invite your secretary to scan card on behalf of you.
5. VIP recognition: exclusive icon for Premium account
6. Private Account Manager:faseter responsive time for your questions

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