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🎧  Bridging Leadership and Technology
PodCast / Feb 19, 2024 / Dr. Anthony Simmons

Bridging Leadership and Technology

Retired Navy Captain Dr. Anthony Simmons blends leadership expertise, engineering mastery, and consulting savvy to champion organizational wellness. Gain wisdom on self-aware emotional intelligence, embracing authenticity and diversity, retaining the ... »

🎧 Unleashing the Power of Unapologetic Branding
PodCast / Feb 14, 2024 / Deevo Tindall

Unleashing the Power of Unapologetic Branding

Chief Experience Officer Deevo Tindall defines unapologetic branding, emphasizing authenticity beyond buzzwords and consistency across customer touchpoints. Learn strategies including revamping brand messaging, analyzing buyer trends and competition, understanding target ... »

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Sales Process Automation
Sales Process Automation
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Our Listeners About Us
John is a gracious host and truly has a great sales mind. Ultimately selling is about people and John understands this well. He is one that sells with dignity! Harry Spaight PC
He clearly had done his prep work on my topic, and he really focused on what I said in the moment, so the conversation was as authentic and meaningful as possible Stephanie Klein PC
John was able to draw out the similarities and differences in our way of approaching sales without it being awkward. Shayla Boyd-Gill PC
We had such a good time together exploring his questions and it always makes it good for any audience when the people doing the podcast are having fun. Mags Bell PC
I had the joy of being a guest on John’s SalesPop Podcast with John on Thursday. He is a wonderful host and we had a great and relaxed discussion. Dr. Lizz Bernthal PC
it was a pleasure to be interviewed by John on my book "Communicate or Die: Getting Results Through Speaking and Listening." John is an empathetic, thoughtful, and dynamic interviewer Dr. Thomas Zweifel PC
I appreciate how John highlighted the value of my lived experience in helping others change their mindset, because people live in all kinds of prisons in their heads Trish Jenkins PC
John asked meaningful questions that are relevant for his audience and was spirited in his interview approach with curiosity and enthusiasm. It was an honor to be able to spend the time on his show and become a new raving fan of his content. Rhonda Petit PC
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🎧  How to Rethink Marketing and the Secrets to Making Marketing Work
PodCast / Feb 3, 2024 / Margie Oleson

Unlocking Leadership Potential

Expert insights podcast interview with Margie Oleson on what real leadership entails. Learn about the Top Team Accelerator methodology for developing high-performing teams, common leadership misconceptions, the importance of self-awareness, ... »

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