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🎧 The Pipeliner Manifesto
Pipeliner CRM / Feb 19, 2020 / Nikolaus Kimla

🎧 The Pipeliner Manifesto

What is a manifesto, and why have we, the developer of a CRM solution, created one? A manifesto is defined by the dictionary as “a public declaration of intentions, opinions, objectives, or motives.” This is our public declaration of the intentions behind Pipeliner, and our objectives and motives for the product and for our company. ... Read More

🎧 Why Being Smart Isn’t Enough To Be Successful Anymore

🎧 Why Being Smart Isn’t Enough To Be Successful Anymore

PodCast / Apr 5, 2020 / Faris Aranki

Being smart isn’t enough to be successful. There are other factors that contribute to success. While intelligence is certainly important, if you’re not using your smarts correctly or strategically, you likely won’t find success. Faris Aranki, interviewed by John Golden, discusses how to create success in an organization. Visite us on Apple Podcast You can ... Read More

🎧 How to Build Executive Presence

🎧 How to Build Executive Presence

PodCast / Apr 4, 2020 / Mary Jane Mapes

When you think of the term “executive presence,” you might think of someone who is domineering and gets all dressed up and loudly commands the attention of the room. While this can be part of having an executive presence, it’s not everything. Mary Jane Mapes, interviewed by John Golden, explores what an executive presence is, ... Read More

🎧  Marketing Balance for Fast Sustainable Success

🎧 Marketing Balance for Fast Sustainable Success

PodCast / Apr 1, 2020 / Joe Sullivan

Everyone wants fast results that are also sustainable as a long term solution. Let’s be real, who doesn’t want it all? But that isn’t always how it works in the marketing world, there’s usually some kind of trade-off. There are things that you need to do that are in the best interest of your business ... Read More

🎧  Nordstrom Way To Customer Experience

🎧 Nordstrom Way To Customer Experience

PodCast / Mar 28, 2020 / Robert Spector

The Seattle area is the customer service capital of the world. Building a business in Seattle means being customer-oriented. Nordstrom set the template for needing customer service. Many large companies like Amazon, Costco, and Starbucks have cited the Nordstrom guidelines for customer service as the baseline for their own customer service set up. Robert Spector ... Read More

🎧 Leverage Leadership in an Entrepreneur Environment

🎧 Leverage Leadership in an Entrepreneur Environment

PodCast / Mar 26, 2020 / Neil Eneix

Being an entrepreneur is a challenging thing. It takes a lot of self-reflection and self-work, it requires knowing how to overcome extreme challenges, it means knowing how to motivate yourself, and many other things in order to be successful. It’s no small undertaking, but there are certain elements and things that you can leverage in ... Read More

🎧  What’s Not Working With Marketing

🎧 What’s Not Working With Marketing

PodCast / Mar 22, 2020 / Wayne Mullins

Marketing is vitally important for all sales organizations. It’s how messages about the product or service are delivered, it’s how you expose consumers to messages about your brand, and it’s how your company gets people in the door. However, marketing is not always done effectively. There are a lot of things that aren’t going well ... Read More

🎧 Aligning Your Brand and Product Stories

🎧 Aligning Your Brand and Product Stories

PodCast / Mar 20, 2020 / Chris Wallace

Have you ever been very excited about a product or service based on the advertising you’ve seen, only to be extremely disappointed and confused when you actually became a customer? It can be incredibly difficult for the strategies of the boardroom and marketing team to actually be executed on the front lines of customer experience. ... Read More

🎧 Generate Consistent Leads & Sales with YouTube Ads

🎧 Generate Consistent Leads & Sales with YouTube Ads

PodCast / Mar 18, 2020 / Aleric Heck

Many people don’t understand the power of YouTube, and there are sales and business people out there who are not taking advantage of this platform. YouTube is the second largest search engine, and it’s used by people who want to buy your product or service every single day. A study done by Google found that ... Read More

🎧  Leadership vs Management

🎧 Leadership vs Management

PodCast / Mar 15, 2020 / Jill Marshall Annitto

The nature of leadership has changed extensively over the last few years, and many things have had to change and adapt in order to keep up with these changes. Twenty or thirty years ago, there was a notion that in order to be a leader, you had to have direct reports and be a part ... Read More

🎧  How Do You Thrive In Chaos

🎧 How Do You Thrive In Chaos

PodCast / Mar 13, 2020 / Dennis Brouwer

Constant and dramatic changes are becoming a regular thing in the business world, and many people don’t know how to respond or cope with this kind of chaos. It causes a lot of stress when you think about how the chaos continues to grow exponentially. Just coping with things isn’t a long term strategy, though. ... Read More

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