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🎧  Unlocking the Secrets of Digital Marketing
Podcast Marketing / PodCast / Apr 15, 2024 / Posted by Jacob Longoria / 9

🎧 Unlocking the Secrets of Digital Marketing


Digital marketing is key for businesses to grow online. Marketing expert Jacob Longoria shared smart tips during a recent interview. He exposed the myth that using technology alone easily scales a company. While getting started online is pretty straightforward, Jacob said the real challenge comes when trying to expand and things get more complex. That’s when having nurturing sequences to engage potential customers becomes super important.

Jacob highlighted how new AI tools like ChatGPT can be game-changers, especially for small businesses. These user-friendly AI tools allow companies to create content that connects with their target audiences in a personalized way. Instead of generic marketing messages, AI helps tailor content to resonate better. Jacob advised focusing on authentic, personal content that builds trust with audiences. Understanding what motivates your customers to make purchases allows you to craft marketing that really clicks with them. Overall, Jacob emphasized developing a nuanced understanding of your audience through tools like AI and personal connection as keys to digital marketing success.

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About Author

Jacob Longoria, Chief Marketing Officer at Projected Growth Consulting, is a marketing strategist and digital marketing expert with a decade of hands-on experience. Renowned for his visionary leadership, strategic planning, and creative storytelling, Jacob has a track record of spearheading initiatives that generated over $20 million in trackable revenue. His achievements include leading a digital marketing team to achieve seven-figure milestones in under 16 months and earning accolades such as the Clickfunnels 2 Comma Club Award for a $4 million funnel. Passionate about transforming businesses through digital marketing, Jacob's expertise and proven strategies promise marketing success in the digital age.


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