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Proven Philosophy Behind Pipeliner CRM

Why are we really here? Are we here just to develop and sell a CRM application?

No. Behind the development of that CRM application—and, in fact, behind everything we do—we have a real cause. It is taken up at length in our free ebook The Pipeliner Manifesto.

Mission and Vision

It starts with a mission statement

We put people first, with enjoyable solutions that empower them through dynamic, instant visualization!

It continues into our vision

Pipelinersales corporation is dedicated to:

  • being the primary agent of change for salespeople worldwide
  • educating and helping them adapt to a buyer-driven world, through our online magazine Sales POP! And our extensive publications
  • applications demonstrating to the world that the Networked Selling approach promotes collective economic freedom, increased wealth and peace through trade
  • and creating 1 million new sales jobs globally by the year 2020

Out of the principles we have adapted for our company and our product, we have evolved the concept of the salesperson of today: The Salespreneur. Above all things, the salespreneur is self-responsible. We believe in, and do everything we can to support, that self-responsibility.

5 Foundations

As found in The Pipeliner Manifesto, there are 5 foundations for our philosophy, company and product.

The Driving Force of the Digital World

There is a fundamental transformation happening—actually one that’s been happening for a number of years now but which has reached mammoth proportions and only continues. That is the evolution of the digital world.

Trade is Essential to Growth and Economic Stability

It has been pointed out by several leaders in the Austrian School of Economic Thought over the last 150 years that trade has a peacekeeping element. Two parties engaged in trade cannot engage in war. If they do, the trade, which is benefiting both sides, ceases. Hence you can see that trade, in addition to many other benefits, greatly assists in keeping the peace.

The Positive Sales R(Evolution)

At Pipeliner, our main focus has never been to make it more possible to control salespeople (as seemed to be the mission of many CRM applications) but to empower them and, with every release, make it increasingly more possible for them to sell.

Only Sound Education Brings Future Prosperity

To say the least, we are big believers in education—not just about our product, but about sales, leadership and anything else relevant to the world of business in which we can help. Most of our materials are provided free of charge—we really want to help educate and change the business world for the better.

Principles Matter More than Values

At Pipeliner we have for quite some time been discussing and promoting principles which we have adopted for our company and made part of our product Pipeliner CRM. These are sound economic and business principles, proven over 150 years of practical use, taken from the Austrian School of Economic Thought.

As you can see, there is much more to Pipeliner than simply a CRM solution.

I invite you to find out more—because, in the end, you’re part of it all, too!


Nikolaus Kimla
CEO, Pipeliner Sales, Inc.

Pipeliner Philoshopy Wheel

Philosophy Wheel Austrian School

We think it is crucially important to describe our philosophy because our customer, our partner, the user engaging with us, should understand the underlying concepts that drive Pipeliner.



The Pipeliner Manifesto
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