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🎧 Wellness Realized: A Journey to Authentic Living
Podcast Motivation / PodCast / Apr 18, 2024 / Posted by Carroll Dey / 15

🎧 Wellness Realized: A Journey to Authentic Living


In a thought-provoking discussion with realtor Carroll Dey, we explored the intersection of real estate, wellness, and living an authentic life. Carroll brought a refreshing perspective on the need for balance and purpose amidst our fast-paced, technology-driven world. She emphasized the importance of maintaining genuine self-expression and embracing one’s truth as the path to true joy and fulfillment. Carroll’s unique approach to real estate goes beyond mere property transactions – she views her role as a facilitator of happiness, guiding clients to living spaces that nurture contentment and peace.

Carroll’s commitment to community involvement and personal growth shone through as she passionately discussed initiatives fostering collective well-being. While acknowledging technology’s benefits, she also highlighted its potential to hinder authentic human connection and exacerbate anxiety, especially among younger generations. Throughout our conversation, Carroll advocated for a holistic approach to self-care that starts from within through self-reflection, gratitude, and finding joy in the present moment. Her transformative journey of self-discovery reinforced the power of embracing authenticity to unlock a life of profound meaning and wellness.

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About Author

Carroll Dey has been in Washington for the past 40 years, giving her the distinction as a Washingtonian. Originally from Rumson, New Jersey, Carroll moved to Washington, DC, to attend American University, where she majored in Business and Performing Arts. As part of her program at American University, she worked at the Kennedy Center and at the National Endowment. To further her experiences, Carroll also worked in the restaurant industry and focused on a specialization in wine sales with Kronheim Distributors. Her time in the wine industry allowed her to travel the world and sparked a passion for winemaking. She worked in the wine industry for 20 years, giving her the platform and skill set to segue into a robust real estate career successfully. Carroll now proudly brings those skills to the Washington Metropolitan area and has amassed a multi-million dollar portfolio in real estate sales since the beginning of her real estate career. In 1998, Carroll affiliated with Pardoe Real Estate in Georgetown. She joined the TTR Sotheby’s International Realty network in 2006, when the company had only one office and about 30 agents. It comprises seven offices with about 450 Associates across the Washington Metropolitan Region. The tremendous growth of the firm continues to motivate Carroll to be a leader in the real estate community, as well as in the community where she lives and works


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