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🎧 Unlocking Leadership Potential
PodCast / Feb 3, 2024 / Margie Oleson

Unlocking Leadership Potential

Expert insights podcast interview with Margie Oleson on what real leadership entails. Learn about the Top Team Accelerator methodology for developing high-performing teams, common leadership misconceptions, the importance of self-awareness, ... »

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Sales Process Automation
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Our Listeners About Us
Having been a guest on many podcasts, I put this experience among the most enjoyable and professional Eric McNulty PC
John was able to draw out the similarities and differences in our way of approaching sales without it being awkward. Shayla Boyd-Gill PC
Thoughtful and respectful, John managed to create an incredible environment to talk and share ideas. It was a rich experience to participate in this interview. Thank you, John and SalesPOP! Felipe Zamana PC
I am grateful to and John for the opportunity to discuss gold and my new book, "Money and Liberty: In the Pursuit of Happiness and The Theory of Natural Money". Jame Turk PC
it was a pleasure to be interviewed by John on my book "Communicate or Die: Getting Results Through Speaking and Listening." John is an empathetic, thoughtful, and dynamic interviewer Dr. Thomas Zweifel PC
John works to get to the heart of the matter so listeners can find what they need, wisdom to grow and advance. Scott F. Paradis PC
John asked meaningful questions that are relevant for his audience and was spirited in his interview approach with curiosity and enthusiasm. It was an honor to be able to spend the time on his show and become a new raving fan of his content. Rhonda Petit PC
I loved being a guest on the Sales POP podcast! John's easy going and insightful presence created a great conversation where we offered up content to help others Build a Vibrant Culture! Nicole Greer PC
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🎧 Creating Distinction
PodCast / Mar 22, 2024 / Richard Weylman

The Art of Client Relationships

Join us in this podcast as we delve into client relationships with Richard Weylman, a distinguished business consultant. Richard’s journey from adversity to success exemplifies resilience and expertise, setting the ... »

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