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🎧  From Music to Sales: A Symphony of Success
Podcast Sales Motivation / PodCast / May 27, 2024 / Posted by Josh Alltop / 21

🎧 From Music to Sales: A Symphony of Success


In this podcast episode, John Golden interviews Josh Alltop about his move from music production to sales. Josh talks about the cultural shock he experienced and the importance of believing in what you’re selling. He compares it to recommending a restaurant. They discuss negative stereotypes of salespeople and promote a service-oriented approach. Josh emphasizes empathy and understanding the buyer’s needs, focusing on creating value and trust. The episode also covers the mindset of abundance over scarcity and the similarities between sales and music production. Josh’s company, the Sales League, aims to empower sales professionals to earn well and leave a legacy.

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About Author

From music producer to personally closing millions in deals as a sales pro in a short year, to now helping businesses earn millions in revenue through the power of sales. Josh Alltop, co-founder of The Sales League, brings over a combined decade of high-ticket coaching and B2B sales expertise with his partner, Jake Grant, to turn sales teams into revenue-generating powerhouses. He ensures businesses multiply cash flow for maximum scalability through direct, impactful strategies by equipping sales professionals to conquer objections and dominate their markets.


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