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🎧  The Most Effective Framework for B2B Growth
Podcast Sales Strategy / PodCast / Sep 28, 2023 / Posted by Austin LaRoche / 25

🎧 The Most Effective Framework for B2B Growth


In this podcast episode, John Golden introduces Austin LaRoche, CEO of Attack Interactive, who discusses their M2’s marketing to sales framework and B2B growth system. The framework aims to bring purpose and structure to marketing efforts, emphasizing the importance of understanding company vision, branding, audience, and data. They discuss the challenges of data overload and the need to focus on specific metrics. They also delve into the strategic planning phase, emphasizing the alignment of marketing and sales efforts. The implementation phase is highlighted as crucial, with a focus on technology, resources, content, and clear processes. They share a successful implementation example and touch on market differentiation challenges.

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About Author

Austin LaRoche is the CEO of ATAK Interactive and creator of the M2S (Marketing-to-Sales) Framework, a B2B growth system that synchronizes strategy and execution in a simple, pragmatic plan. ATAK Interactive is a full-service marketing agency with employees and clients across the globe. Austin is an engaged entrepreneur with a passion for helping other business owners see their vision come to light. His company motto is "Strength in Structure," where he and his team watch their clients go from random acts of marketing into an organized operation that can measure and optimize success at each stage of their customer’s journey.


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