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🎧 B2B Thought Leader Guide: How to Become an Industry Authority
Podcast Marketing / PodCast / Dec 19, 2023 / Posted by Frank Husmann / 10

🎧 B2B Thought Leader Guide: How to Become an Industry Authority


B2B Authority Building: Key Takeaways from Frank Hussman

Forget fancy features; focus on solving problems. Frank Hussman, a B2B marketing guru, says companies need to showcase their expertise by highlighting the problems they solve, not just product features.

Video reigns supreme. Stand out from the content flood with video! Frank uses one video to create multiple formats (blog posts, newsletters, and podcasts), maximizing reach and impact.

Choose your channel wisely. Don’t spread yourself thin! Frank recommends focusing on one main channel, like LinkedIn, and boosting organic content with targeted ads.

Don’t underestimate YouTube. It’s not just for cat videos! YouTube is the second-largest search engine and a treasure trove of B2B knowledge. Frank even uses it for DIY projects!

Authenticity is your secret weapon. Share your stories, struggles, and successes. People connect with realness, especially in our AI-driven world.

Education is the future. Blend education and entertainment to create engaging content that informs and inspires your audience.

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About Author

Frank Husmann is an internet entrepreneur focused on B2B and SaaS marketing. As a former SaaS founder, he knows the challenges and pitfalls of growing a company. With over 20 years of experience in B2B marketing and sales, his goal is to assist B2B founders and marketers in showing their expertise. This way, you will become the authority in your industry, so you never have to worry about new business again. Frank started an internet agency for the travel industry on September 11th, 2001. A recession right after that hit the global economy, and he managed to create an agency with about 15 people and sell it in 5 years. After that, he was a co-founder of an international lead generation agency operating in 10 countries with 30 people. After he sold this agency, he started a SaaS business in B2B marketing and sold that after 5 years. Right now, he's using all the knowledge he has accumulated in these ventures to help grow B2B companies.


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