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Jones Loflin

JONES LOFLIN has made it his life’s work to deliver powerful ideas and practical solutions to individuals and organizations struggling with too much to do. His books are described as “illuminating” and his presentations as “unforgettable.” In his 32 years as a teacher and professional speaker, he has helped countless people make better choices with their time so they can thrive in their work and life.

His innovative solutions on leadership, overload, change, and time management have attracted the attention of organizations around the world including Federal Express, Wal-Mart, Choice Hotels, Toyota, Bridgestone, American Farm Bureau, Berkshire Hathaway, the United States military as well as others. His keynotes are described as “fun, powerful, and timely.” Combining his storytelling style with his use of simple yet powerful analogies, Jones knows how to keep an audience fully engaged.

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