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Darcy Eikenberg

Darcy Eikenberg is on a rescue mission. The leadership development and career coach wants to help those who are feeling stuck, dissatisfied, or overlooked at work, by introducing them to a superhero who can help change their fortunes: themselves.

In her book, Red Cape Rescue: Save Your Career Without Leaving Your Job (October 12, 2021), Darcy shows you how to make simple, practical changes in your life at work, right where you are—without resorting to drastic measures, like running for the exit.

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Are you successful “on paper”—good job, good company, good pay—but feeling less than successful on the inside? Do you tell yourself you don’t have time to think about what’s next for your career—promising you’ll focus on it next weekend, next vacation, next year—but it never…
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What if you didn’t have to change everything in your career to change your life at work? When hard things happen in our fast-moving careers, conventional wisdom offers 2 options: A) go find a new job, or B) stay put and “be grateful you have…
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