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Save Time

“A friend of mind recommended that I try headspace. She swore that she was closing more sales and having better conversations with buyers after using this app for like 10 minutes a day. I was really skeptical, but after using it for a week or so, I absolutely noticed a difference. I focus better when ... Full Review
This application has really helped me improve my business and communication skills. Full Review
As a sales manager, I’m always looking for resources to send my sales staff to help them learn new techniques or keep up to date with trends in the sales world. These videos are awesome. Full Review

Get Organized

This app is really awesome because it tracks each thing that I want to do in the morning, and helps me stay on task. Plus it tracks my progress so I can see how well I’m committing. Full Review
This app is really cool, it’s an automatic calculator for how much profit I’ll make on each deal. I create a proposal, and then plug the numbers from the proposal into the app, and then it tells me lots of useful metrics like profit margin, markup percentage, and more. Full Review
This app is such an easy way to keep track of my to-do list, and allows for easy collaboration with prospects, coworkers, or my husband when he forgets the grocery list. It’s a ‘wunderfully’ useful app, both professionally and personally. Full Review

Be Social

Pintrest probably isn't the first app that comes to mind when you think sales, but it has absolutely changed my social selling game. Full Review


I started out using this application for personal reasons but quickly discovered that it was a useful professional resource as well. Full Review
This app has absolutely changed the way that I run meetings. Full Review

Stay Secure

This app made me feel secure knowing that I could erase sensitive content and keep my private information private. Full Review
This app allows you to communicate through encrypted methods, so you know that your conversations are totally secure. Full Review
This app scans QR codes before following the link to ensure that the website it connects to is safe, and not a virus. Full Review