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Stay Secure

This app allows you to communicate through encrypted methods, so you know that your conversations are totally secure. Full Review
This app scans QR codes before following the link to ensure that the website it connects to is safe, and not a virus. Full Review
This app made me feel secure knowing that I could erase sensitive content and keep my private information private. Full Review
This is a great way to add extra security to your phone. It adds an additional level of authentication, so you really have to prove that you are you! Full Review
I love this app. It remembers all of my passwords for me, I literally just have to remember one single password and then get access to all of my other… Full Review
I love using private browsing and VPNs on my computer and laptop, but this lets me do it even on my phone. Full Review
This app is great, it securely manages and organizes your passwords and other private information. Full Review
This app provides encryption for phone calls and text messaging, making me feel so secure! Full Review
Protect your private information with Keeply! Full Review
I can't even tell you the number of times that I've had to reset my password because I've forgotten it. With this app, it's not a problem anymore! Full Review
With this app, I feel so much more secure. It lets me know if someone has unlocked my phone, which is really convenient. Full Review
Mega stores your data, and ensures that it's safe and protected. Plus, you get 50GB of free storage. Full Review