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Meetup App

August 2018
I looked at the app, simply out of curiosity, and realized there were tons of events for business professionals! I've been able to attend a lot of really amazing, well put together events with a wide variety of people. Full Review

Workplace by Facebook

August 2018
This app is the absolute coolest. It's like having facebook, but for your company and your coworkers. Full Review
There are so many applications and software systems for video conferencing, but BlueJeans is the best that I've ever used. Full Review
This app is like watching TED talks, but with powerpoint presentations. There are thousands of different slideshows available to browse through, and I can easily learn about new topics that I didn't even know I wanted to learn about! Full Review

Basecamp 3

July 2018
After juggling tons of different apps, trying new ways of collaborating, and sorting through email chains, I have finally found one app that does it all. Full Review


June 2018
Tumblr has been unexpectedly great. Iuse it similarly to a social media account, posting updates on my blog and sharing content that I find interesting. It has been a great way to reach a different audience. Full Review


June 2018
I love when people remember my name, and I try to remember others names so that I can give them a similar feeling. Using Namerick has helped me to do that. Full Review


June 2018
This is the absolute best way to group chat. With all of the different kinds of phones available today, it's difficult to have group chats through text. This app makes contacting everyone important much easier. Full Review


May 2018
I do a lot of networking, and using kik has made it easy to stay connected, especially with people who live internationally. I am able to communicate with them for free, without paying international fees. Full Review


May 2018
I started using LinkedIn in it's infancy over a decade ago, long before they had a phone application. Although a lot of things have changed since then, one of my favorite changes has been the addition of this app. Full Review


May 2018
I use Reddit stay connected and keep up on business news, and it has really helped me professionally. And if I need to de-stress from work, there's lots of kitten pictures available too. Full Review

Memory Edge

March 2018
I like the concept of Memory Edge, but it won't let you use it unless you turn on and use notifications. Which is extremely annoying. Regardless, I'm terrible with names so this app is helpful. Full Review