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Memory Edge

March 2018
I like the concept of Memory Edge, but it won't let you use it unless you turn on and use notifications. Which is extremely annoying. Regardless, I'm terrible with names so this app is helpful. Full Review
I won’t lie, Vero is an app with great potential as an everyday social media people use. Just like every app that first starts out, it needs improvement. The layout to me is a bit confusing at first, but easy to get used to. Full Review


March 2018
I moved to China to 6 months ago for work. The WeChat app was something I needed to have in order to find the great position I have now. It allows me to seamlessly communicate with friends and family back home, as well as new friends and colleagues here in China Full Review
I've been tracking with the Swarm app for years. I travel to the same places for business all the time, but inevitably you can't remember all of the best places, but with Swarm I am able to look back. Also, I am able to take clients to some of my favorite spots and can avoid those places I haven't enjoyed. Full Review


February 2018
I have more than 10k photos uploaded to Flickr. None of them are public, but I use Flickr as a storing app so I have space on my phone. Flickr is so easy to use, free, and keeps me organized without all the ads. You can choose to keep your albums private, but with public albums you're able to engage with your friends and family and explore all the other photos available. Full Review

Unreplied App

February 2018
The unreplied app is the greatest email app ever! I am constantly opening important emails and then forgetting to respond because something else urgent comes up. Full Review


February 2018
The GroupMe app allows me to be involved in multiple group chats at once with my coworkers in other parts of the world without having to worry about unnecessary fees. Full Review

Google Hangouts

February 2018
Do you have colleagues that are in other parts of the world? I do! Thanks to the Google Hangouts app, I never have to worry about the fees associated with talking to them. Full Review


January 2018
Marketing my business can be a challenge when I have a million other things on my mind, but staying active on social media is too important to forget Full Review
Are you visiting a city on business and maybe you want to take a client or prospect to a great concert? Well, the Bandsintown app can help you. Just put in the location and search for concerts happening in the area. Full Review


January 2018
Instagram is a great place to not only share snapshots of your life, but your business and the culture surrounding it. Full Review


January 2018
Oovoo is a great idea because it allows you to videochat with up to 12 people at a time on the computer and 4 on your mobile device. Full Review