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Get Organized


October 2018
Whenever I see something that I like but want to come back to and read later, I just save it to pocket. Full Review


October 2018
I love Asana. It makes it so easy to stay organized and keep my to-do list together. Full Review


October 2018
I love this app because it allows me to easily track my hours, and it even makes charts that are easy to read and use for billing. Full Review


September 2018
This app updates your contact's information automatically when it gets updated. Full Review
Tape your phone calls and save recordings with ease using tape a call pro! Full Review

My Contacts Backup

August 2018
When my company switched the work phones from iPhones to Androids, my biggest fear was that transferring all of my contacts would be a nightmare. With this app, it was super simple. Full Review


August 2018
Blinder is like a receptionist that I have right on my phone. As a salesperson, it has changed the game for me. Full Review


August 2018
It's part personal assistant, part software system, part social media manager, and a bunch of other things, all in one app. Full Review
Remember the milk is the best task organizer and to-do list reminder system that I have ever encountered. Full Review

Copy My Data

July 2018
I use copy my data to do exactly what the name suggests... copy my data! Full Review
The easiest way to build your resume or CV and make it look professional! Full Review


June 2018
I love this app. I feel like it has improved my vocabulary, and made me much more articulate. I use it while writing emails, business proposals, or any other writing document that is important and needs extra finesse. Full Review