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Must Have Apps / Get Organized / September 2018


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“This app is really great. It automatically updates your contacts in your address book when your friends, family, colleagues, or clients change their phone number. There’s been a few times when I haven’t been able to get ahold of someone because they changed their contact, and I had to go on a hunt for their updated information.” 

Reviewer: Jed Levy

Vendor Provided Information: 

PRIVACY (more on

– We DO NOT store your address book on our servers.
– We DO NOT spam any of your contacts.
– We DO NOT and will not sell any data to third party services. Never Ever.
– All your contacts and connections are always private

addappt is a modern contacts app like no other. Live, it updates when friends change their contact information and helps merge your duplicates, get you organized, set reminders (auto-reminders for birthdays and anniversaries) and much more.

‘.. I can say it does what it promises’ – Walt Mossberg, The Wall Street Journal
CIO – “addappt Makes Your Address Book Smart”
CNET – “Addappt is a powerful and business-friendly replacement for the iOS contact list”
PC Mag – “addappt Keeps Your Contacts in Sync Even When People Change Numbers”
Lifehacker – “Addappt is an Address Book That Updates When Your Friends Info Changes”
Buzzfeed – “12 Apps Every Busy Boss Needs To Stay Sane”
WIRED – “App of the Month”
Gizmodo – One of the best iOS apps

Founded by early Microsoft and LinkedIn employees, addappt has been reviewed and rated as the best by the likes of The New York Times, ABC, Cult of Mac, as Business Insider’s Top 50 Business Apps, Business Insider’s Best Productivity Apps, ZDNet’s Best iOS Apps, CNN and by BBC apart from those above.


– Merge Duplicates
– Animated iMessage Stickers of acronyms like BRB, ROFL, TTYL, FTW etc.
– Get Weather and Local Time based on address available
– Set reminders to contact an individual or a group
– Reminder list to track, reschedule or remove reminders
– Get auto reminders for birthdays and anniversaries and wish with a tap
– Update friends, not on addappt, of your new information with a tap
– Recents that include new contacts created, viewed, edited or communicated with
– Beautiful favorites for Contacts and Groups (with widget)
– Directories: Global Directory and those for Universities
– Use ‘Nearby’ within directories to connect and share contact info instantly at parties and events
– Notes that are easy to review and take when communicating
– Create, edit and delete groups easily along with group messaging
– Create groups easily by job title, company name or city
– Contact info updates synced to your phone’s native contact list
– Email multiple photos (iPhone’s Photos app limits it to 5) to a group easily
– One “tapp” messaging (not stored on our servers) on iPhone and Apple Watch
– Bulk delete, assign groups, merge
– ‘Live’ Favorites ‘Today’ Widget
– “Email Me’ to send URLs/ news articles to yourself with one tap
– Share your info, with your privacy settings, with anyone instantly by text when meeting in person
– Share contact Info of an entire group of contacts (3D Touch only)
– Easily confirm validity of entire contact info or individual property (long press any property)
– ‘In Case of Emergency’ on Widget and Apple Watch Complication
– Open the app and simply shake the phone to call the phone number you select


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