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Norton Snap QR Code Reader

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“This is one of those apps that I didn’t know I needed until I discovered it. It scans QR codes before following the link to ensure that the website it connects to is safe, and not a virus. I didn’t realize QR codes could be harmful, but now that I know, I’m glad to have an app that keeps my phone safe from corruption.” 

Reviewer: Dominique Joseph 

Vendor Provided Information: 

Norton™ Snap is a QR code scanner that protects your mobile device and your personal information from dangerous QR codes. Block unsafe websites before they load and steal your data. Be alerted to potential online threats.


• Automatically scan QR codes and checks to see if they’re safe.
• Identify safe websites. Blocks malicious sites before they load on your mobile device.
• View the final destination a QR code is linked to, not just the shortened address, so you know where it really goes.
• Quickly and easily share cool sites and promotions with your friends.
• Tell at a glance whether a site is safe, potentially dangerous, or should be avoided completely.


QR codes are everywhere—in magazines, on billboards, posters, and more. They make it easy to get information about products or services and to take advantage of incentives and special deals. They can also make it easy for bad guys to attack your mobile device, steal your identity, and mess with your stuff. The problem is, a QR code is a website in disguise and you can’t tell if it’s safe until after you scan it. And then it’s too late.

Norton™ Snap keeps you a step ahead of potential threats and takes the gamble out of using QR codes. It’s the first QR code scanner that protects you, your identity, and your stuff from online threats by checking the safety of websites linked to QR codes before they load on your mobile device.

When you scan a QR code, Norton Snap checks Norton Safe Web for the website’s safety rating. It lets you visit trusted sites immediately and blocks dangerous and suspicious sites before threats can be downloaded to your mobile device. A Norton Rating icon shows you if a site is safe or not. Pressing the icon takes you to the full Norton Safe Web site where you can get additional information, including a list of the threats detected and the complete, expanded website address, so you can see where the link really goes before you click it. Norton Snap also lets you send a quick message to friends, so you can share cool sites and promotions with them.



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