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Weber State University
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Weber State University


WSU was founded in Ogden, Utah as Weber Stake Academy in 1889. “Weber” comes from the name of the county where the university is located, which was named after John Henry Weber, an early American fur trapper.

In 1933, the academy was made a state junior college. Following World War II, the college outgrew its downtown campus and moved to the present site on the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains overlooking Ogden and the Great Salt Lake.

Weber State College awarded its first baccalaureate degree in 1964. In 1991, the college became Weber State University, appropriately symbolizing its role as Utah’s first comprehensive regional university that also retains a community college mission.

Weber’s vision is to be a national model for a dual-mission university that integrates learning, scholarship, and community. Weber offers more than 225 certificate and degree programs and 14 graduate degrees.

Degrees in Professional Sales

We offer 2 bachelor’s degrees and 1 associate’s degree, along with a minor and departmental honors courses.

Bachelor of Science in Professional Sales

  • Prepares you to guide and/or work with industry leaders to sell products or services to other businesses, plants, professionals and public and private institutions.

Bachelor of Science in Professional Sales – Interior Design

  • Prepares you with the technical, design and sales skills necessary to compete in the complex, technical and demanding world of interior design.

Associate of Applied Science in Sales and Merchandising

  • Trains you in fundamental and advanced selling techniques, customer service techniques, sales channels and the principles of sales supervision.

Minor in Sales and Service Technology

  • Gives you the customer service, selling and negotiation skills you’ll need to enhance your career.
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