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Frumi Rachel Barr

As the founder of the Barr Business School, Dr. Frumi Rachel Barr, is an expert in scaling businesses. She leads CEOs through growth, with a focus on communication, alignment, and accountability. Her 20+ years of experience blend practical leadership with academic knowledge, helping leaders make smart, profitable choices. Dr. Frumi is instrumental in developing the next generation of business leaders. She is also the celebrated author of "A CEO’s Secret Weapon," a top-ranked business book with a foreword by Simon Sinek.

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The book begins with the real cause, purpose and reason the enterprise exists.
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Written in easy, conversational prose, this book relays the experiences of executive coach Frumi Rachel Barr, PhD, as she discovers the hidden lessons of entrepreneurship, and has to apply them in the face of some of life’s harshest realities.
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