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“Blinder app is like a receptionist that I have right on my phone. I can schedule calls, make anonymous calls, get notifications when it’s time for me to make a call, etc. As a salesperson, it has changed the game for me. When did I call that one client? Blinder tells me. When is our next conference call? Blinder can tell me that too and will send me an email and text reminder. It helps me focus on more important things.” 

Reviewer: Michele Lee

Vendor Provided Information: 

Blinder app is a content-generating machine for the PR managers of high-performance teams. It lets you provide media and fans with unprecedented access to your ‘talent’, without compromising their privacy.

Blinder allows your talent to receive scheduled calls, on their mobile phones, without sharing any personal contact details. The system works globally from any phone line, nobody has to download anything to use it, and scheduling a call takes just seconds. And you can record – or join – any call with the click of a button.

We call that phone call magic.

The seeds for Blinder came from professional sport, where it was difficult to provide phone access to athletes without compromising their privacy. That issue is now solved, and Blinder is used by PR teams managing Olympic champions to Grammy winners.

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“The perfect system for connecting everyone without sacrificing privacy.”
– Australian Football League (AFL)

“Saves you hours of time a month with complete peace of mind.”
– Cardiff City Football Club

“A small revolution in media relations management – and a great tool for media coaching.”
– Italy Rugby

“A technological innovation that is sweeping the sports and entertainment industries.”
– Sydney Morning Herald


Using Blinder, PR teams:

– Provide unprecedented access for media and fans
– Generate more and better media coverage
– Generate more and better content for social media and podcasts
– Save time and headaches
– And all while respecting the privacy and performance of their talent


– Blind calling: Allow people to call your talent, on their personal mobile phones, without exchanging any personal contact details.
– Call scheduling: Select when calls will take place. Reschedule or cancel calls in seconds.
– Time control: Calls can only connect at agreed times, with time zones automatically calculated for each party.
– Audio recording: Play or download call audio as soon as a call is complete.
– Notifications: Call notifications and reminders are automatically sent to all parties by text and email. You can also add individual call notes.
– Smart numbers: Choose a Blinder number from local options across the globe, then schedule multiple simultaneous calls through it.
– Call tracking/archive: See in real-time when calls are taking place, check if they’ve been completed, and keep a record of everything.
– Call control: Make sure things end on time with hard-finish calls. An audio tone signals when conversations need to wrap up.
– Add yourself to call: You can join any calls that require ‘special care.’


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