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🎧 The Pipeliner Manifesto
Pipeliner CRM / Feb 19, 2020 / Nikolaus Kimla

🎧 The Pipeliner Manifesto

What is a manifesto, and why have we, the developer of a CRM solution, created one? A manifesto is defined by the dictionary as “a public declaration of intentions, opinions, objectives, or motives.” This is our public declaration of the intentions behind Pipeliner, and our objectives and motives for the product and for our company. ... Read More

🎧  Your Finances & Looking Forward

🎧 Your Finances & Looking Forward

PodCast / Jul 24, 2020 / Damion Lupo

It is a general assumption that investing in the stock market is a good way to take care of the finances. However, frankly speaking, most people do not know anything about the stock market. In this Expert Insight Interview hosted by John Golden, Damion Lupo discusses how people can maximize their personal finances while looking ... Read More

🎧  Paid Media in Social Media

🎧 Paid Media in Social Media

PodCast / Jul 23, 2020 / Naira Perez

The social media world is constantly evolving and changing, so even very experienced advertisers can struggle with social media marketing. In today’s interview, host John Golden with guest Naira Perez, the founder of Spring Hill Digital. She will share her advice on how to use paid media in social media to generate more sales, attract ... Read More

🎧  Animal Style Personality

🎧 Animal Style Personality

PodCast / Jul 23, 2020 / Paul Casey

For any relationship, whether it’s an emotional or a business one, knowing each other’s personality styles is very important and beneficial. New Expert Insight podcast Interview brings a conversation with Paul Casey, a professional speaker, and coach, who will introduce you to four kinds of animal style personalities. Visit us on Apple Podcast You can also ... Read More

🎧  Exponential Growth with Key Customers

🎧 Exponential Growth with Key Customers

PodCast / Jul 23, 2020 / Jermaine Edwards

For every business, existing customers are now more important than ever, because due to the current events and situation, new ones may be hard to find. In today’s podcast interview, B2B relationship expert Jermaine Edwards, advises you about managing relationships with your customers and securing growth. Visit us on Apple Podcast You can also find SalesPOP! ... Read More

🎧   Flipping and Investing in Land Properties

🎧 Flipping and Investing in Land Properties

PodCast / Jul 22, 2020 / Joachim Bosch

In today’s Expert Insight podcast Interview, John Golden is joined by Joachim Bosch, the founder of the ”Land Profit Generator” method and the same-named website focused on earning profit by flipping and investing in Land Property. Visit us on Apple Podcast You can also find SalesPOP! on all major podcast stations. Read More

🎧  Supercharging Sales Through The Power of Sponsorship

🎧 Supercharging Sales Through The Power of Sponsorship

PodCast / Jul 21, 2020 / Ken Ungar

Have you ever thought about supercharging your sales by using sponsorship? Sponsorship is one of the oldest and very effective automatic sales tools, but many newer businesses consider it unattainable due to its connections with big global events such as Olympics, Formula 1, or NFL. In this Expert Insight Interview, John Golden talks with Ken ... Read More

🎧  How to Sell More on Amazon

🎧 How to Sell More on Amazon

PodCast / Jul 21, 2020 / John Ghiorso

Amazon has been blooming for a decade yet given the world situation we are in today, it became even more popular and attracted more brands that are now transacting through Amazon. It started off as a simple product search platform and gradually became a complex instrument for generating sales that not everyone can use successfully ... Read More

🎧  Communicating More Effectively For Sales

🎧 Communicating More Effectively For Sales

PodCast / Jul 19, 2020 / Bill Kurzeja

For years, we have been taught that we need to swim fast if we don’t want to get eaten by big fish. Quick reactions were encouraged and stimulated in business literature and courses yet not everyone was made aware of how stressful and unfavorable it can get in emergency times and extraordinary situations. Alien environments ... Read More

🎧   Listening Is The Key To Building Trust

🎧 Listening Is The Key To Building Trust

PodCast / Jul 18, 2020 / Lynn Hidy

When we think about inside sales or telesales, we immediately think about talking and often forget how listening is just as important factor in successful communication of any kind. In today’s podcast interview hosted by John Golden, the inside sales expert and founder of, Lynn Hidy, talks about the skill of listening and how ... Read More

🎧  How to Personalize Your Prospecting

🎧 How to Personalize Your Prospecting

PodCast / Jul 17, 2020 / Ankesh Kumar

In today’s world, we’re always looking for the next easy way out. Shortcut culture has invaded, and not always for the better. Automation has become a great tool in many regards, and technology has definitely been a huge factor and great resource in the sales world, but it can’t compensate for the human to human ... Read More

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