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🎧  How Can Small Businesses Scale Through Relationship Marketing?
Podcast Sales and Marketing / PodCast / Jun 29, 2024 / Posted by Scott Grates / 7

🎧 How Can Small Businesses Scale Through Relationship Marketing?


In this podcast episode, John Golden from Sales POP! Online Sales Magazine and Pipeline CRM interviews Scott Grates, a visionary entrepreneur from central New York. They discuss the importance of relationship marketing for scaling small businesses. Scott explains that relationship marketing focuses on nurturing relationships and seeking introductions rather than traditional referrals, emphasizing the human element in a digitally distracted world. He highlights the significance of consistency in building trust and providing value to key relationships. Scott also promotes his upcoming book, “Referrals Done Right,” which offers insights into creating effective referral programs for small businesses.

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About Author

Scott Grates is a visionary entrepreneur and a testament to the power of strategic relationship marketing. With a career that spans the founding of multiple 7-figure businesses, including nationally recognized insurance agencies and a real estate portfolio, Scott has mastered the art of leveraging relationships to amplify business success. His approach centers on the belief that in a world rushing towards digital impersonality, the true edge lies in personal connections and consistent, thoughtful engagement. As an acclaimed author, Scott's publications, such as the Amazon bestseller "Essential F-words for Teens" and his upcoming guide "Referrals Done Right," showcase his expertise in nurturing relationships that foster business growth. His innovative Infinite Referral Advantage® system is designed to help entrepreneurs escape traditional marketing traps and instead build lasting networks that fuel success.


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