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🎧 Creating An Extraordinary Workplace Culture
Podcast Business Culture / PodCast / Nov 26, 2019 / Posted by Susan Salgado / 1865

🎧 Creating An Extraordinary Workplace Culture


Having helped businesses for over 20 years to develop their organizational culture, Susan Salgado describes an organizational culture in today’s terms as a sociological perspective that includes the values, beliefs, and traditions of the organization. What behaviors are acceptable is what defines a culture. How we treat one another from email communication, verbal communication, the way organizations set up policies are all pieces of how organizational culture is set up. Defining what is acceptable behavior within the workplace is done by developing a culture that fits who you are as a leader and what you are trying to achieve as a company. Your culture will determine what the acceptable behaviors are.

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About Author

Susan is a recognized speaker with a commanding stage presence whose keynotes resonate with business leaders across all industries. Whether sharing secrets for creating great customer experiences, or helping leaders create a culture focused on both excellence and caring.


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