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🎧 Transforming the employee experience: The Tip Jar Culture
Podcast Business Culture / PodCast / Jul 8, 2023 / Posted by Gregory Offner / 47

🎧 Transforming the employee experience: The Tip Jar Culture


In this episode of the Expert Insight Interview podcast, host John Golden speaks with Gregory Offner, CEO of the Global Performance Institute, about the importance of creating a positive employee experience to impact customer experience. They discuss Gregory’s upcoming book, “The Tip Jar Culture,” which aims to transform the employee experience and take the “irk” out of work. They also touch on the importance of managing oneself and developing employees to increase their capacity to perform better at their jobs. Gregory emphasizes the need for leaders to create a positive work environment that values employee development and collaboration and shares his unique approach to spreading this message through keynotes and corporate training workshops.

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About Author

Gregory Offner is known as a globally recognized expert on performance; the Founder and CEO of Global Performance Institute; and an award winning international keynote speaker & event emcee. Gregory also spent fifteen years as an internationally renowned dueling piano bar performer, performing professionally on five of the seven continents. As the creator of the TipJar Culture™️ Gregory helps transform the employee experience, or as he likes to say “help take the irk out of work” so that organizations and their people can consistently deliver more profitable results. His clients include organizations and associations of all sectors and sizes - from Fortune 100 corporations to local chapters of associations.


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