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How to Get the Right Kind of Self-Belief

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The more you believe in something; the better chance that it going to come true in the upcoming future if you work hard enough at it.

Gary J. Bergenske on Shriners Dairy:

Currently serving his 12th year as a member of the Boards of Directors for Shriners International and Shriners Hospitals for Children, Gary J. Bergenske of Florida is a motivational speaker and has written three books.

This Sales Expert Interview Covers:

We live in a world today where we have two totally opposite ends of the scales – we have people with an inordinate amount of self-belief and self-confidence and on the other side, we have a lot of individuals so lacking in self-confidence due to comparison culture or something. So how to get the right kind of self-belief and the right kind of centers in the world!

  • Why it is important to give back?
  • How to motivate other people to help the needy in one way or the other?
  • How people across the globe react when Shriners or any other organization help them?
  • How to compete in a world where people are getting dragged in so many different directions for charities and donations?
  • What are some really surprising or life-changing moments that you are going to share in the book “Shriners Dairy”?

“Shriners Dairy”:

One of the most touching experiences of Gary J. Bergenske that is being mentioned in the book is the incident took place in Cyprus i.e. is a small island. A lady came over with her five or six years old child. The mother was crying and said if you help my child, you can take my life. This was one of the most touching experiences of Bergenske which he has mentioned in the book. These kinds of experiences change the whole perception of thinking in different situations. Working along with Carter Center is also one of the interesting experiences.

You can easily get in contact with Gary J. Bergenske by visiting his website i.e.

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    CEO of JJ Metro Moving, Former Member Shriners Hospitals for Children Board of Directors, Speaker and Author at Gary Bergenske Motivations.

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    Great Article, Its very hard to sell to an unqualified lead.

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