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#SalesChats Ep. 18: Sales Prospecting – Are You Doing It Right? Dan McDade

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SalesChats #18: Sales Prospecting – Are you doing it right? With Dan McDade

Sales prospecting is something that a majority of salespeople seem to hate, and is a part of sales that has a high degree of failure. Dan McDade is the founder of lead generation company PointClear, as well as being a sales expert and noted author. Dan tells us that while prospecting isn’t rocket science, it does have a lot of moving parts that must be understood.

In this exclusive interview with SalesChats host John Golden, Dan sheds considerable light on this topic:

  • Despite all that’s been said in the last few years, it actually isn’t true that 60-80% of a buyer’s journey happens before the buyer every talks to a salesperson. That’s just an excuse for ignoring lead generation.
  • To be great at lead prospecting, a salesperson must learn to be professionally persistent. Dan gives us some great examples of how that works.
  • For lead prospecting to truly be successful, the salesperson must constantly add value as part of the conversation.
  • There are 5 steps of a basic sales process that salespeople ignore at their peril.

Questions discussed:

Q1: On which stage of the buying process should a #salesperson start engaging w/ a prospect?

Q2: What are the right questions a salesperson needs to ask throughout the buying/selling process to help uncover need?

Q3: What would be the best way to do online sales prospecting?

About Author

Dan McDade is founder and CEO of PointClear, a lead generation, qualification and nurturing company that helps B2B companies with complex sales processes drive revenue. Dan is the author of the award-winning outbound sales and marketing blog, ViewPoint.

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