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The Difference Between Risk-Scenario Probability and Forecasting
Snapshots Infographics / Sales Management / Nov 28, 2016 / Posted by John Golden / 1465 

The Difference Between Risk-Scenario Probability and Forecasting


This infographic accompanies a blog post – Strengthen Your Sales Forecast with Risk Scenarios by Frank Donny of Marseli. Frank asserts that probability is not the right way to go when you are looking for the most accurate sales forecast — probability and weighting just aren’t adequate on the front line.

The infographic illustrates:

  • The four risk scenario categories
  • The group process: Collect, Review, Meet
  • Meeting outcomes and expectations

 Download this actionable infographic and learn the process, step by step, that will give you the most accurate insights into your sales forecast, in the most simple and intuitive manner possible.

Put it on your wall…share it…admire it!

Power of Risk-Scenario Forecasting

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