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Sales POP! Topic Focus 2023
/ Motivational / Jan 4, 2023 / Posted by Claudia Kimla-Stern / 29

Sales POP! Topic Focus 2023


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As we are starting a New Year we would like to give you a preview of the topics that we are going to focus on. There will always be other topics covered (besides our main focus) as we are always open to new developments, requirements, and needs of our readers/listeners.

There are four main topics of leadership and each one will be featured over a course of 3 months to give you the opportunity to gather as much information as possible as you navigate your business to success,  prosperity, and growth. We would also like to point out, that sales is a part of leadership and every salesperson needs to be trained in leadership skills.

Increased Focus on Mental Health and Wellness (January – March 2023)

Companies will experience an increased need to focus on Mental Health and Wellness in the workplace. Everyone is suffering from some sort of trauma after the past number of years plus war, the economy, and uncertainty, in general, are causing chronic stress and burnout among employees. As a result companies ultimately lost productivity. In 2023, everybody must focus on creating a (workplace) culture that is aware and sensitive to employee mental health and wellness. 

The Hybrid Leader (April – June 2023)

A lot of businesses have shifted from in-person workplaces to remote-only to a hybrid of the two. One survey showed that 87% of people want to work from home at least one day of the week, and only 8% of remote employees are willing to return to in-person work full-time. This new work environment plus the challenges that come with it requires a mind-shift in the approach to management. 2023 will see a new age of leadership as managers are required to develop new ways to create engagement, build and motivate teams and improve productivity in the hybrid workplace. 

Ethical Leadership (July – September 2023)

2023 is the year when leaders will increasingly be asked to lead and live by a clear set of values. That means creating a work environment where everybody can participate in win-win situations and where clear communication is key.

The Urgent Need for Leadership Development (October – December 2023)

Improvements throughout an organization start with the leadership’s mindset and example. The challenges of today’s workplace are complex and require leaders to embrace learning new skills and adapting to a rapidly changing business landscape. As Baby Boomers retire and the workplace continues to evolve, the next generation will need to develop their leadership skills. Organizations focusing on continuous development and learning systems for their employees will enjoy greater employee retention and engagement and be better prepared for an uncertain economic environment. 

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Claudia is educated in the law, as well as in management, and her career has focused on project management, finance, international event organization and management, media relations and international representation. She excels in event preparation and management as well as media relations.


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