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Get Energized!


As the year comes to a close, having a good state of mind can be challenging. Maybe you’re struggling to meet your quota at work, or maybe you’ve just had one heck of a year and are ready for a fresh start. Regardless of your current frame of mind, having a positive attitude can really help you end your year with a bang.

This expert sales interview explores:

  • Belief
  • Standard of activity
  • 4% Solution


A lot of people shut down the last few months of the year and assume that people don’t want to hear from you. It’s important to remember that even in the slow months, you can still set yourself up for success for the first quarter. Simple things like calling people early, or calling late, can really improve your chances of getting ahold of someone. Sales is a pipeline business, so it’s doing the little things everyday that can make a big difference. Success is about mindset – if you believe that no one wants to talk to you, that will be your reality. But if you believe that you have something unique to bring to the table, then success will come.

Standard of activity

What are you going to do each and everyday? It’s easy to be busy, but still not be doing anything to move your pipeline forward. What are you doing in terms of contacting past clients? A lot of people forget about their past clients all together which could mean losing out on business. Eichelberger says, “if you track something then it is much more likely to happen,” so it is important to start each day with a game plan.

Eichelberger also suggests that if you don’t exercise already, do so! Mix up your schedule. The quality of your life is dependent on the quality of yourself and how much oxygen you are getting. Aerobic exercise means exercise with oxygen, so get up a little bit earlier and start your day off with a sweet and maybe a smoothie.

4% Solution

4% of 24 hours is one hour a day. That is 168 hours a week. And of those hours, you need to be on your A game for 7 of them. In order to get yourself to be on your A game, what are you reading? What are you listening to on your commute to and from work? If you make the decision to listen to at least half an hour of positive material a day, or read something positive for 15 minutes a day, or even just visualize something positive that will help you achieve success, you will be a lot more energized.

To learn more about how to get energized, watch the entire expert sales interview.

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