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What Digital Transformation Actually Means (video)


In this Expert Insight Interview, Lakshmi Pappu discusses digital transformation. Lakshmi Pappu is Head of Global Digital Transformation: Director at Signify.

This Expert Insight Interview discusses:

  • What digital transformation actually means
  • What companies need to focus on when going through a digital transformation
  • How the digital transformation journey has changed over the years

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation was a buzzword even before the pandemic, but very few people understood what it meant and were actually doing it rather than paying lip service to it. The term is so widely used that it means different things to different people in different organizations.

To Lakshmi Pappu, digital transformation is about building the right customer-centric experiences for her internal and external customers. It is about creating a customer experience that helps customers make better decisions through the products and services provided by her company — Signify.


There’s a whole process that companies must go through to figure out whether their own processes are the right ones before heading into any kind of transformation initiative. Often, processes grow organically, and if you simply digitize or automate bad practices, you end up with bigger problems.

The tenants of doing digital transformation right include being customer-centric and process-centric. This means companies need to think about the customer as the center of the universe and think about the business processes that need to be changed to deliver the experience they’re trying to deliver.

A Journey Rather than a Project

When undergoing a digital transformation, a business must tweak, observe and test every detail to be able to improve things as time goes on. One of the things that challenge people most is the fact that the days of being able to implement a discreet project, dust off your hands, sit back and relax, are gone.

We’ve gone through the journey of technology as a service model with a product-centric approach and reached a stage where we must think about solutions on a roadmap with the ability to iterate.

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