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Should YOU Become an Entrepreneurs

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Have you ever thought about transitioning into being an entrepreneur? More people are looking towards entrepreneurial endeavors as they realize that they want to take more charge over their own life. The days of having a 30-year career with a company are mostly gone. People are less likely to partner with larger companies because it could result in a lay off while living in a high-cost area. Instead, becoming an entrepreneur gives freedom and the chance to take control of your career. Joel Comm can help you understand if making the switch into entrepreneurship is right for you in this expert sales interview, hosted by John Golden.

Explore entrepreneurship as a career, and other topics such as:

  • How technology has changed entrepreneurial abilities
  • The positives and negatives of entrepreneurship ventures
  • How to identify if you are an entrepreneur type or not

How do you know if you have an entrepreneurial spirit?

Comm’s book is all about understanding if you are fit for entrepreneurship. It’s an inventory of sorts that explores specific characteristics of entrepreneurs. One of the things in the inventory is having good ideas, but not having your superiors listen to your thoughts or take them seriously. Comm recalls his own experience with a similar situation. “I always had ideas. Ideas that when shared with my superiors could intimidate them. I got fired for being strong in my position and being threatening to the position in the job above me. If the ideas are nonstop, and if sharing those ideas causes friction with those superiors, those could be a great sign that you’re an entrepreneur.”

Positives and Negatives:

As with any job, there are positives and negatives to making the switch into an entrepreneurial role. On the positive side, you have the freedom to set your own time, do what you want, and you have a lot of control over your position. The commitments that you are obligated to fulfill our obligations that you have created for yourself, not a boss or someone else. However, there is also a negative side to entrepreneurship. There is limited job security, except the protection that you provide for yourself. It also takes a specific kind of personality to be able to stay oriented and disciplined when working for yourself. Ultimately, though, Comm stresses that their dream, rather than money drive entrepreneurs. “Working just to make money can be empty,” Comm said.

Entrepreneurship and Technology:

Because the internet and technology have created so many opportunities, it has expanded the possibilities of becoming an entrepreneur. You can make money by doing thousands of different things at home from your computer, leveraging the power of technology. There’s so much that can be done, including managing goods, services, providing services, social media, e-commerce, and others. If you’ve decided that you want to pursue entrepreneurship, there are vast amounts of options for you to use as a segway into the entrepreneurial world.

For more information on entrepreneurship, and ways that you can decide if you want to be an entrepreneur or not, watch the expert sales interview!
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