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The Difference Between a CRM Lead and an Opportunity
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The Difference Between a CRM Lead and an Opportunity


Many times we are asked: “What is the difference between a CRM lead and an opportunity?” It’s a valid question, and the answer is worth knowing. Here is a simple and easy explanation.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, you’re a salesperson, not a fisherman. But imagine for a moment that you are a fisherman who is about to conquer the high seas looking for fish to catch! Your goal is to find nemo. Nemo is your opportunity! In order to find Nemo (your opportunity), there are five key steps that you must follow. These steps are similar to the sales process. Utilize this kitschy metaphor to help close more sales and generate more revenue.
Difference Between Lead And Opportunity

  1. Explore the sea: Each fish in the sea is another opportunity for a potential client. If there are several fish together, they can represent an account. The sea is full of these contacts, that combine schools of fish accounts. Your goal is to explore as much as possible, and capture as many as you can!
  2. Create some criteria: Have an idea as to what your Nemo should look like. With so many different fish in the sea, it’s important that you track down the right kind of fish! Understand what fish to throw back to sea for someone else to catch, and which fish you want to add to your fish tank (your pipeline.)
  3. Find information: At the beginning, you may not have very much information about where to find Nemo, what Nemo looks like, or the best bait to use to catch it. As you continue researching and learning, you’ll have a better chance at catching the fish you want to catch.
  4. Finding Nemo: Nemo probably won’t be the first fish that you catch. It probably won’t even be the second one you catch. Persevere in order to find a fish that meets your specific criteria.
  5. Decision: At the end of the fishing trip, you will either let your first swim back into the sea, which is a lost opportunity or into your aquarium, which is a won opportunity.
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