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The Art & Science of Selling Through Turbulent Times


Roderick Jefferson joined hosts John Golden & Martha Neumeister to talk about The Art & Science of Selling Through Turbulent Times, including:

  • Why selling the old way won’t work
  • Moving from selling to helping
  • How to better identify and address customer pain points

Named as a “Leading Sales Enablement Consultant” by SellingPower, Roderick Jefferson & Associates is focused on driving growth in small/mid-size companies and Fortune 500 corporations. He has been both the buyer and the seller of high technology products, sales platforms, and professional services, so he understands what will resonate with your customers.

About SalesChats
SalesChats is a fast-paced (no more than 30 minutes) multi-media series that provides leading strategies, tactics and thinking for sales professionals worldwide. It can be found on Twitter (#SalesChats), as a live Zoom Hangout, and as a podcast available on iTunes, SoundCloud and right here on SalesPOP! If you think you would make a great guest for #SalesChats, please contact co-host Martha Neumeister.

SalesChats is co-hosted by John Golden, CMSO Pipeliner CRM, and Martha Neumeister, Social Media Strategist Pipeliner CRM.

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