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Mental Health in the Workplace (video)


We welcome Celine Brozovich the founder and CEO of Bay Kenji health. She is a team optimizer and spent more than 25 years as a top achiever in telecommunications and healthcare. It Fortune ten plus company. And then you left technology to start talking about mental health in the workplace.

And what we’re going to talk about today is not just mental health, but total health in the workplace and how that plays a role not in retention, but also in people excelling in the workplace.

what does it mean by total health?

Total health refers to the overall well-being of an individual, including physical, mental, and social well-being. It encompasses not only the absence of disease or injury, but also the ability to lead a fulfilling and meaningful life. Achieving total health requires addressing all aspects of health and wellness, including proper nutrition, physical activity, stress management, and access to healthcare.

Suffering from anxiety or depression, what do you do next?

When we talk about mental health, we have to look at two different aspects. We have the mental well being, where mentally, either I could be stressed, I could be a little bit sad or happy or whatever it is, and then we have the mental diseases. And when it comes to mental diseases, it’s unfortunate that we, as people, shame people with mental illnesses the same way somebody has diabetes or high cholesterol or cancer and we show compassion. We should do the exact same thing with somebody with mental illness. At the end of the day, that person did not go to the store and said, which one of those do I want? Is it depression or is it bipolar or is it no? So we shouldn’t shame this type of person.

That mission in life, our purpose in life.

If you are a good manager, you want to ensure you have a conversation with your employees, especially the younger generation, because this is a generation who wants to be in tune with the life purpose, the mission in life. I recall a couple of years ago, one person that I know, a computer programmer, had a job offered from Boeing, and I asked that young person, are you going to take it? She’s like, no, I have to ask them first, what are they going to do with my code, with my programming, if they’re going to use it for weapons? No, I’m not working there. This young generation has a set of values and they want their job to be in sync with their core values. They want to always be perfectly in sync. They don’t think that there is one of them at work and there is one of them outside. So if you are a good manager and you want to retain those employees, come down, have a conversation with them and understand if what you are asking them to do is in sync with what they believe is their mission in life.

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About Author

Celine Anelone Brozovich is the founder and CEO of Baykenji Health. She is a team Optimizer. She spent more than 25+ years as a top achiever in telecommunications and healthcare IT for Fortune 10+ companies. She left the technology field to talk about mental health in the workplace. She believes that nobody career aspirations should be derailed by mental illness or the lack of mental health. She is a Team Optimizer.


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