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Data Visualization


Data visualization is essentially the story behind the data. Visualization helps show what the numbers are saying and interpret the data quickly. Data in itself can be difficult to consume on its own. Visualization is a translation of the numbers with the use of design and aesthetics; the communication of the data in a visual context for the audience. Communicate with integrity; keep data real, authentic and still consumable.

Sales Expert Interview covers:

  • visualizing thought leadership
  • Consumable visualized data
  • What data is critical to know

What is the idea of visualizing thought leadership:

Research-based information and research-driven ideas. It’s visualizing the data that thought leadership is based upon.

Why is it a difficult process for people to take data to visualization to something that can be consumed?

Data analysts are often focused on the numbers and have difficulty communicating the story. Marketing analysts can have difficulty seeing past the numbers and have difficulty translating the story. Behind every set of data, there should be a story or the data is not helping you.

Understanding which part of the data is critical so you can present the story:

Design plays a critical role in helping the process. Data analysis and graphic representation are critical sides of the same coin. Present the data in a way that the audience wants to consume it or it’s a waste of time.

What has changed, why is the work you are doing become so important to an organization.

With more and more data available and sources of information are being trusted less the attitudes about design have changed. The world of visualization has sky rocketed. Users expect different data communication. The bar has been raised and organizations need to realize and deal with it.

Data is relevant to you and what you are doing:

Businesses have always taken data seriously, now you see an appreciation for visualization communication. It’s easier and more common for smaller and less sophisticated organizations to produce materials that are better quality however it remains difficult to capture what are they really trying to say and this is where design and visual communication helps organizations.

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Bill Shander is the founder of Beehive Media, a Boston-based data visualization and information design consultancy. He specializes in creating interactive experiences for thought leadership, research, advocacy and knowledge management.


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