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30 Must-Know Sales Prospecting Stats
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30 Must-Know Sales Prospecting Stats


What if you could unlock the secrets to sales prospecting? What if you had crucial information on questions such as: How many attempts does it take to break through to busy buyers? Or Do cold meetings convert into new business?

Statistics help orient you to the task ahead and give information on the best ways to navigate the journey to task completion. Read and understand these stats in order to become a top performer in sales prospecting.

Mike Schultz did the hard work for you by laying out the 30 must-know sales prospecting stats, and explaining what they mean for salespeople. Get insights on sales prospecting and what real statistics to know with this infographic.

30 Must Know Sales Prospecting Stats
Here a few key statistics that you may not have known!

  1. Top performers generate 2.7x more revenue than average performers. (Doesn’t that make you want to be a top performer now?!)
  2. 62% of buyers want to hear from sellers when they are actively looking for a solution to solve a problem. This verifies that timing is key!
  3. 82% of all buyers will accept a meeting with sellers who reach out to them. There’s no harm in asking for a meeting, and the odds are in your favor to have the opportunity to pitch your product!
  4. You have 5-10 minutes to prove your value to prospects. Make sure you start strong!
  5. Insight-oriented sellers are 3x more likely to report prospecting success.
  6. 82% of buyers look up providers on LinkedIn before replying to their outreach efforts.

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