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🎧 Looks At The Future of Technology
Podcast Sales Technology / PodCast / Sep 30, 2019 / Posted by Crystal Washington / 2241

🎧 Looks At The Future of Technology


As a technology strategist and certified futurist, Crystal explains aspects of how technology will impact our future and how to be using it more effectively. As we see more and more the integration of artificial intelligence (AI’s), smart speakers and other technology applications; Crystal explains methods and strategies for utilizing technology to increase human effectiveness.

This podcast is also a recorded live event you are welcome to view here: Looks At The Future of Technology

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About Author

Crystal Washington works with organizations that want to leverage technology to increase profits and productivity. Technology includes social media, apps, smartphones, and the web. Hired by companies including Google, Microsoft, and GE, companies in North America, Africa and Europe book Crystal Washington when they want their teams to take action online!

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