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Must Have Apps / Get Organized / July 2018
remember the milk app

Remember The Milk

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“I can’t be the only one who has walked out of the grocery store, gotten home, and then realized that I forgot something. (Usually the one thing I went to the store to get in the first place.) Remember the milk app is the best task organizer and to-do list reminder system that I have ever encountered. It is laid out beautifully and easy to use. It has become one of my most used apps ever. It truly does keep me from coming undone!” 

Reviewer: Juliette Margot 

Vendor Provided Information: 

Remember The Milk is the smart to-do app for busy people. You’ll never forget the milk (or anything else) again.

• Get to-dos out of your head, and let the app remember for you
• Get reminded via email, text, IM, Twitter, and mobile notifications
• Share your lists and give tasks to others to get things done faster
• Stay magically in sync on all of your devices
• Organize the way you want to with priorities, due dates, repeats, lists, tags, and more
• Search your tasks and notes, and save your favorite searches as Smart Lists
• See tasks nearby and plan the best way to get things done
• Integrates with Gmail, Google Calendar, Twitter, Evernote, and more
• Used by millions worldwide to be more organized and productive

“Remember The Milk is a veritable Swiss Army knife of to-do list management.” – Lifehacker

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