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Memory Edge

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“I like the concept of Memory Edge, but it won’t let you use it unless you turn on and use notifications. Which is extremely annoying. Regardless, I’m terrible with names so this app is helpful.” 

Reviewer: Ruddy Chapin

Vendor Provided Information:

MemoryEdge is an invaluable tool for remembering the names, faces and important information of new clients, customers and acquaintances.

Imagine – you’ve just been introduced to a prospective client, customer, church member or maybe a parent on your child’s soccer team. Moments later you tap MemoryEdge, add their name, a photo from your camera roll or the web (if available) and distinctive information about them before you forget. Organize the whole group in folders for later easy retrieval. Then the magic begins.

MemoryEdge will begin to visually remind you at memory-optimized times to help transfer that person’s image and information from your short-term to long-term memory.

Getting ready to meet them again? Play the fun, interactive Name Game to quickly sharpen your recall. Choose just the group you need for the meeting or event and enter the room with confidence that you will recall not only everyone’s name and face, but also other important details about them. No more embarrassing “Sorry, I forgot your name!”

An ideal tool for any salesperson or leader wishing to recall the names, faces and important information of every client or prospective client, even if you’ve only met them once!

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