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Empower - Money Management App

Empower – Money Management

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I am terrible with money. It’s been a struggle to budget and keep my finances organized for my entire life. I’m still not perfect, but Empower app has made a genuine difference in how I manage my money. It makes everything so straightforward. I can see all of my different accounts in once place, which is so convenient. And I can set up automatic transfers to savings, and get really excellent financial advice. I’ve definitely saved money in the few months I’ve been using the app.

Reviewer: Julie Robertson

Vendor Provided Information

Empower is your Smart Financial Assistant that watches your money 24/7, helps you make smart financial decisions and finds you real savings. Link your checking, savings, credit card, investment (Robinhood, Coinbase + many more) to Empower to understand where your money is going. Our artificial intelligent technology turns a stream of confusing transactions into actionable advice that helps you save and build wealth. Our users save between $300 and $3,000 and many have successfully improved their credit scores. Get the financial assistant you deserve today with the Empower app!

Recommended by Forbes, Time Magazine, and Apple as “Best Tech Apps To Help You Save, Invest, And Manage Your Finances” and “New Apps We Love”, Empower is your personal financial advocate. We help you find free savings, track all your finances in one place, and reach your financial goals, whether it’s building wealth or squashing debt.

“Since using Empower, my credit score has increased from 680 to 720!” – Antonio
“I love your app. I’m very, very happy with it. You guys have helped me save—just this month—about $300.” – Christina
“AutoSave put me on the right track. 5% of each paycheck is automatically put into my savings account. This app is ingenious!” – Tom

– FINANCIAL SNAPSHOT: Get clarity on account balances and track activities across bank, credit, loan, and retirement accounts (including Robinhood & Coinbase). Your spending is automatically categorized by our superior machine learning technology. Premium subscribers can create and assign your own categories. Review your spending with Custom Reports.
– SAVINGS: Find “free money” with the Empower Savings Checkup, a powerful algorithm that analyzes your accounts for savings. Our users save $230 on average by renegotiating their bills, and $460 for switching to a better insurance plan. You can also cancel unwanted subscriptions or earn more with a high-interest savings account. Make every dollar work for you.
– TRACK SPENDING: Monitor your spending by category (Dining & Drinks, Entertainment) or vendor (Amazon, Uber) and get alerts when you overspend. Premium subscribers can set up an unlimited number of SpendTrackers. Never lose track again.
– GET OUT OF DEBT: Set up automatic savings and debt paydown with AutoSave. Find better loans and refinance.
– IMPROVE CREDIT SCORE: Protect your credit score by monitoring your credit utilization.
– PAY LESS INTEREST: Explore better credit card options in order to reduce interest payments, build credit, or earn rewards.
– TRANSFER MONEY: Between your existing accounts and pay credit card bills with a few simple taps. Transfers and credit card payments are always free and secure.
– INTELLIGENT ALERTS: Stay on top of your money without having to log in with intelligent notifications.

– Empower uses bank-grade security measures like AES 256-bit encryption, multi-factor authentication, PIN code, and Touch ID to protect your account.
– Your personal information is fully encrypted using SSL.

Empower is free to use. We also offer a Premium membership via monthly or yearly subscriptions. We currently support U.S. banks and institutions.

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