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Why Business People Need to Pay Attention to Trends (video)


In this Expert Insight Interview, Adam Hartung discusses why all business people need to pay more attention to trends. Adam Hartung has an excellent track record on using proprietary frameworks for predicting business success — The Phoenix Principle and the Status-Quo Risk-Management Playbook. He has made keynotes and presentations to companies worldwide and was the #1 leadership columnist for for eight years with over 50 million readers.

This Expert Insight Interview discusses:

  • How to recognize trends in business
  • The difference between the value proposition and the value delivery system
  • Why do businesses have a hard time making significant changes

Recognizing Trends

People nowadays extrapolate things, make things up, or misinterpret things, so it is tough to know what is a trend. There is a cacophony of data out there, but the reality is that when you talk to business people, you discover that 90-100% of decision-making is based on internal parameters.

These biases built into the business model were usually set up during the company’s early days or a transition period. So, even though all these things are happening in the business world at large, in reality, very little of it makes its way into the decision-making process.

Value Proposition vs. Value Delivery System

Do you know the difference between your value proposition and your value delivery system? Many businesses spend most of their time thinking about their value delivery systems and entirely forget about their value propositions.

A great example of this is encyclopedias, which are stuck in the old value delivery system (books) and lost track of their value proposition (information at your fingertips). This is where most businesses get stuck — clinging to the value delivery system they are used to.

Incremental Changes vs. Big Shifts

It is tough to persuade people to shift a business model that is still working, although it is atrophying. At one point, you have to stop the incremental changes and investments to make the necessary change.

Organizations tend to be very incrementally focused, so making these giant leaps forward is difficult. However, the more you work on improving incrementally, the more stuck you become, so these significant shifts are necessary to keep moving forward.

Our Host

John is the Amazon bestselling author of Winning the Battle for Sales: Lessons on Closing Every Deal from the World’s Greatest Military Victories and Social Upheaval: How to Win at Social Selling. A globally acknowledged Sales & Marketing thought leader, speaker, and strategist. He is CSMO at Pipeliner CRM. In his spare time, John is an avid Martial Artist.

About Author

Adam’s remarkably consistent track record is built on applying his two proprietary frameworks for predicting business success; The Phoenix Principle and the Status Quo Risk Management Playbook. His keynote presentations and workshops make trends clear and help audiences chart a successful course to a more profitable future in our fast-changing world.

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