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The 1080 Ten Principle and Public Speaking Advantages (video)


Speaking to a disinterested audience may be difficult. The 1080 Ten Principle helps solve this problem. This approach divides people into the top 10%, the lowest 10%, and the majority 80%. This blog will discuss how public speakers may use this idea to create a more pleasant and engaging environment.

The 1080 Ten Principle

The 1080 Ten Principle addresses power balance. The top 10% are eager, the lowest 10% are reluctant, and the majority 80% follow the group with the most momentum. By focusing on the top 10%, the majority 80% will follow them and the bottom 10% will split into two groups. Language is employed to neutralize the bottom 10% and empower the upper 10%.

Empowering requires time, energy, attention, and thinking until it no longer uses resources. In public speaking, concentrating on engaged audience members may generate a good and engaging atmosphere that permeates the room. The speaker may connect with the audience and run a successful event by minimizing wasted resources, demotivation, and unfavorable crowd impact.

Approaching Change with Open-mindedness

Openness to change and experimentation are crucial. The school principal who wanted Smartboards illustrates this. Instead of fighting the uncooperative teachers, the administrator offered Smartboards to the top 10 instructors who were willing to try new things and let them lead. This created a more upbeat and energetic workplace, with most teachers voluntarily following the top 10.

Focusing on Top Performers

Top performers and desired habits can improve behavior and performance. The story’s second speaker observes that schools with conspicuous and up-to-date trophy displays have better-behaved children. It’s easy to reduce stress and boost work satisfaction by spending more time with high achievers.

The 1080 Ten Principle helps public speakers engage their audience and create a good environment. Speakers may connect with audiences and run successful events by empowering the top 10% and concentrating on top performers. Organizations may improve morale and productivity by welcoming change and trying new things.

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