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Selecting Sales Software


It’s no secret that sales software is needed to have a successful sales business. Choosing business software, like a CRM system, marketing automation, and others is a crucial task that can often be overwhelming. With so many different options to do similar things, it’s critical to do your research to make the right decision. Gabriel Gheorghiu, interviewed by John Golden, helps you select the best sales software for your business.

This expert sales interview explores selecting sales software, including:

  • Should you DIY (do it yourself), or have a consultant choose your software?
  • Why it’s essential to use a business perspective
  • Choosing CRM Software

To DIY or not to DIY?

When it comes to selecting sales software, there are many different approaches. Some people are more thorough than others, or even too detailed. This can severely complicate their process. Other companies might not do enough research and might take a recommendation from a friend without seeing if the software will meet their specific company needs. Because of the various options, some companies might turn to work with a consultant to help them select software. However, Gheorghiu advises against this. “It takes time. It takes effort. But to be honest, it’s better to try and do it yourself. You know your business more than anyone else, and it’s possible to do the research and make a selection on your own,” he said.

Business Perspective vs. Technological Perspective

Many times, people look at software from a technological perspective. They explore what functions the software has first, versus looking at their business and finding a solution that fits the company. “Have a vision for what you want,” said Gheorghiu. Another essential part of reviewing things from the business perspective is that it gives you a chance to look at the various business processes of your organization. If the process is broken to begin with, automating it using software won’t fix the problem, it will only make the problem more prevalent.

CRM Selection

When searching for a CRM software, like Pipeliner, several criteria come to mind. Some of these criteria include marketing automation, customer service, account management, lead management, and others. “One thing I realize though is that the technical part of the system is almost as important as the features,” said Gheorghiu. “People want an integrated or centralized solution. They use two or three different solutions, plus Outlook or Gmail and Excel, so they want integration.” People also want sales software that can grow with their company, something that is scalable, and something that provides quality reporting and analytics. Pipeliner CRM offers all of these features and more. Check out the website for a free trial.

For tips on how to select other kinds of sales software, watch the expert sales interview!

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