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17 Effective Sales Closing Techniques to Gain More Deals
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17 Effective Sales Closing Techniques to Gain More Deals


Closing is a make or break moment in sales. After demo and discussion, it seems like your prospect would be ready to buy your product, but sometimes they just won’t make a decision. A little pressure in the right direction will get the job done.

Sales closing techniques are generally of two types: soft closing methods and hard closing methods. According to a study by DiscoverOrg, soft sales closing techniques are the best to close a deal, rather than creating a yes/no situation with a hard close.

Sales professionals are expected to generate the best possible deals, and in today’s world, the competition for selling a product is extremely high. Sales executives have to use techniques which help them in closing a deal faster and more effectively.

The infographic below shows some of the closing techniques sales representatives can use to close more deals.

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Tobi Biobaku commented...

Pipeliners CRM is an effective tool for sales professionals. Sales person must learn how to close lead at the right time to support business growth. This article Provide the right insights to support Sales people to deliver on set goals.


Peter Folaji commented...



Onyekachi Amaefule commented...

As much as I agree with this post, it is also important for a salesperson to know when and how to apply these techniques. Otherwise, if wrongly applied that deal might come crashing before your very eyes.

Furthermore, have a backup technique plan immediately and know when to switch by quickly understanding the body language of your client.


Chinonye Genevieve Amaechi commented...

These are interesting techniques although I think the take away close is a risky one. It could go either way. The prospect might consider your packing up as being unserious with the deal


Chigozie Okeke commented...

The effective ways of Closing Deals articles is extremely useful, this serves as an indication that there is a standard way of operating any profession, sales professionals needs this insight in their business operations. Th mechanism of selling goes beyond what can be imagined, if this sales techniques can be properly followed and streamlined with the type of buyer, there is no product or service that can not be sold.
Sales Pipeliner has made it possible for us to have stream wealth of knowledge in sales profession and am indeed grateful. Closed!


ojelade ayodeji commented...

This pipeline crm is fantastic, easiest to use and friendly, the sales techniques are awesome.


Gemechu Abera commented...

Real very good techniques for prospect


Ini - Daniel Udoh commented...

This is a good read for any sales person seeking to improve performance by understanding effective sales closing techniques to gain more deals

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