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The Importance of Prioritizing Employee Well-Being in the Workplace (video)


The Negative Effects of Prolonged Stress

Stress aids in short-term problem-solving. Stress may affect your brain, body, and mind. Many people overlook or minimize stress and burnout warning signs. The company’s financial line can be affected by employees’ emotional and physical health. Companies can build loyalty and improve productivity by teaching everyone from top executives to people who work in manufacturing how to recognize and deal with stress.

The Importance of a Positive Work Culture

Maintaining talent and productivity requires a healthy work culture that values employee well-being. Businesses that put money before workers’ well-being may lose business. Millennials, the majority of workers, want organizations that care about their mental and physical health. Because of the epidemic, people are more aware of the need for a good work-life balance, and it is no longer possible to focus only on work. To create a healthy work environment and long-term success, firms must take care of their workers’ emotional and physical health.

The Importance of Communication and Innovation

Employees and management must listen to each other to create a productive and happy workplace. Open and honest C-suite communication may help staff understand why choices are made. Management should also consider employee concerns and compromise proposals. Collaboration and innovation lead to beneficial transformations. Employees who fear reprisal for criticizing the firm may benefit from anonymous surveys.

The Impact of the Work-From-Home Situation

Employees and companies face new issues with work-from-home. Some employees were initially more productive owing to lack of distractions, but managers should be careful of those taking advantage. Recognizing burnout and giving staff time to relax and recuperate is crucial. Burnout may have physical and psychological implications, therefore, it’s necessary to reframe the mental health dialogue and realize that the brain is an organ like any other. The gut-brain link emphasizes the importance of physical health for well-being.

The Importance of Recognizing the Mind-Body Connection

The way we eat affects our mental health, and mental health should be destigmatized and treated like physical health. Childhood traumas can cause prolonged stress and organ damage. Primary care doctors now know that the mind and body are linked, and they use tests to treat trauma caused by bad things that happened to a person as a child. As we become more dependent on technology, our attention span and memory decrease. The epidemic has shown the value of in-person connections, which can affect mental health and parenting.

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International speaker, media guest, and 5-time author, Lori Vann is a highly regarded mental health expert. As an authority on Non-Suicidal Self-Injury, she has been on a mission since 2000 to turn the tide on this international epidemic through NSSI support groups and the Self-Injury Prevention & Intervention Program (SIPIP) for treatment centers and schools that is part of the Institute for Non-Suicidal Self-injury. Her next two books will be on the topic of perfectionism with plans to develop a training program. As a coach for mental health practitioners, she enjoys passing along over twenty years of wisdom to save other counselors years of frustration and tens of thousands of dollars in missteps. All of Lori's services can be found at


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