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Can Virtual Assistants Revolutionize Your Business? (video)


Leveraging Virtual Assistants for Business Growth

As a podcaster, I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Chris McShanag, an expert in leveraging virtual assistants for businesses. We had an insightful discussion about the concept of virtual assistants, their benefits, and how they can be effectively utilized to drive business growth. Here’s a detailed account of our conversation.

Understanding Virtual Assistants

Chris Mechanic began by explaining that virtual assistants (VAs) are individuals who handle tasks that don’t require direct interaction from clients or patients. These tasks can range from bookkeeping, administrative support, sales phone calls, to other back-office functions. He emphasized that VAs can handle these tasks just as effectively as in-person employees, a fact that has been highlighted during the pandemic.

The Benefits of Virtual Assistants

We then delved into the benefits of leveraging virtual assistants for businesses. Chris mentioned that by delegating repetitive and process-driven tasks to VAs, entrepreneurs and business owners can focus on business growth strategies and moving their businesses forward. He also addressed common pain points for clients, such as finding the right staff and the cost of staffing. His company provides a dedicated team that handles the heavy lifting of staffing needs, allowing clients to concentrate on driving their businesses forward.

Challenges and Opportunities of Virtual Recruiting

Our conversation shifted to the challenges and opportunities of virtual recruiting. Chris highlighted that his company doesn’t just find people for clients, but also handles recruitment, compliance, training, and ongoing coaching for VAs. They also provide dedicated account managers to assist clients throughout the onboarding process and address any concerns or issues. Chris shared that leveraging VAs can result in cost savings of up to $80,000 when transitioning from in-house staff to VAs, as well as a productivity improvement.

The Scope of Virtual Assistants

Chris explained how VAs can support businesses by taking care of tasks that are holding them back. These tasks can range from being responsive to clients, managing accounts receivable, handling financials, managing social media and websites, and more. He offered a list of 250 common tasks that VAs can handle in various industries such as legal, real estate, property management, and construction.

Success Stories

Chris shared examples of clients who have benefited from using VAs, including private equity firms that have seen cost savings of up to $80,000 per VA. Other clients in construction and real estate have experienced improved responsiveness to clients, faster turnaround on quotes, and efficient property management. He emphasized that outsourcing these tasks not only increases productivity but also leads to revenue growth at a lower cost base.

The Human Element in Business Interactions

We discussed the value of the human element in business interactions and how AI and automation can support but not replace it. Chris mentioned that their VAs are based in the Philippines, known for its excellent customer service, as well as other bilingual teams from Latin America. He emphasized the importance of human touch and interaction in a remote world.

Looking to the Future

Chris sees exponential growth in the demand for staff in various industries. He mentioned that while unemployment rates are decreasing, the need for high-quality professionals is growing exponentially. His company, VA and VA, can manage the process effectively and provide cost-effective solutions. They take care of HR tasks, onboarding, and other administrative headaches, allowing businesses to focus on driving their growth.

Special Focus on Healthcare Industry

Chris explained that VA and VA primarily focuses on the healthcare industry, working with doctors, dentists, and veterinarians. They handle patient communication, scheduling, insurance verification, billing, claims management, and real-time medical scribing. Additionally, Chris announced the launch of their new business, My Ortho VA, which caters specifically to the orthodontic space.

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