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The Importance of Finding Your Soul-Driven “Why” (video)


Linda is a renowned international author, speaker, coach, and trainer who has won numerous awards for her work. Her book, “Guided,” is a compelling account of her own survival in the face of adversity and overcoming fear. Linda’s bias comes from experiencing neglect, abuse, and feelings of worthlessness in her early life. She turned inward to find guidance, interpreting her dreams and journal writings to make sense of the bullying she faced.

Uncovering Your Soul-Driven Why: A Guide to Connecting with Spirit Guides

Do you ever feel like you’re not living up to your full potential? Are you constantly chasing material success without feeling fulfilled? Linda Deer, an international award-winning author, coach, and trainer, believes that people often miss the point of their purpose in life by focusing too much on external factors and not enough on their soul-driven why.

In a recent podcast episode, Linda shares her concept of “why” and how it relates to guidance from spirit guides. She explains that everyone has spirit guides, angels, and other light beings, but people often don’t realize it because of programming and fear. However, Linda’s guided journey program is designed to help people connect with their guides and become aware of their soul-driven purpose.

But how can you uncover and listen to the wisdom of spirit guides? Linda recommends spending 15 minutes a day journaling about unusual and out-of-the-ordinary experiences that caught your attention. By reviewing these entries and flushing out the details of how you felt, you can gain awareness and have realizations about your purpose. Linda emphasizes the importance of accessing your heart energy and connecting with something bigger than yourself to find truth and love.

However, distractions and addiction to stress are big challenges in modern life. Linda encourages people to cut out distractions and dedicate themselves to journaling for just 15 minutes a day before bed. By doing so, you can discover a combination of the world you came from and the world you’re in now that can’t be beaten.

So, are you ready to uncover your soul-driven why and connect with your spirit guides? Give Linda’s method a try and see what amazing self-discoveries you can make in just one month.

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About Author

Linda’s perspective on the current direction of the world, the planet, and our dumbing-down and increasing ignorance of our society – a situation she verbalizes well and follows that with a cautionary plea to tune into our guides to get us through this increasingly mad merry-go-round that is life. The first time Linda dared to tell her true story was when she wrote and published, GUIDED … a riveting testament to survival in the face of insurmountable odds by overcoming fear. This empowered Linda to achieve far more than even she imagined, knowing she was being guided.

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Linda Deir knows all about how to Live a Guided Life. She "crawled her talk" long before she could "walk it." Her flagship best-selling book, GUIDED, details her true life story and how she made the connection with intelligent beings from other realms starting as…
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Linda Deir's flagship best-selling book, GUIDED, details her true life story and how she made the connection with "intelligent beings" from other realms starting as a baby. Working as a group, these loving Spirit Guide Angels buffered her from unimaginable abuse as a child and…
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