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Can AI revolutionize your content marketing strategy? (video)


Harnessing AI in Content Marketing: Insights from John Golden and Kyle Stout

Hello everyone, I’m John Golden, your host for this enlightening discussion on the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in content marketing. I had the pleasure of hosting Kyle Stout, the founder of Elevate and Scale, a leading email marketing agency. We delved into the intricacies of AI and its impact on content marketing strategies.

The Role of AI in Content Marketing

Kyle kicked off our discussion by emphasizing the importance of having a strategy before deploying AI tools for marketing. He explained that while AI can assist marketing creatives in working faster and generating more ideas, it’s crucial to ask the right questions and give the right commands to get quality output. I couldn’t agree more. While AI can speed up the process, human intervention is still necessary to ensure the content hits the mark. Solely relying on AI tools and neglecting the need for a marketing strategy can be a pitfall.

AI Tools in Market Research

Kyle shared how AI tools can be instrumental in market research, especially in email marketing. By inputting general information about customers, competitors, and aspirational brands, businesses can obtain detailed profiles of their ideal customers. This information can then be used to create effective email campaigns and automation. However, I pointed out that AI-generated content may not always be favored by search engine algorithms. Solely relying on AI-generated content without any human engagement may negatively impact search engine rankings.

Testing AI Tools: ChatGPT and Midjourney

Kyle mentioned that he has tested various AI tools and finds ChatGPT to be the most useful for his needs. He also mentioned Midjourney as a creative design tool. We discussed the shift in search behavior and the challenges people face with the new way of searching. Traditional search methods involved putting in a couple of words and hoping for relevant results. However, with advancements in AI, such as OpenAI’s GPT-3, users can now input more information to get better and more detailed results.

The Power of Google and the Shift in Search Behavior

We also discussed the power of Google and how effective search results can be achieved by using fewer words and being more brief. Google’s algorithms can do the thinking for users and provide relevant content without the need for extensive details. However, AI, like GPT-3, requires more specific input to generate personalized and targeted content. Providing detailed information about a specific target audience can result in more effective copywriting.

Email Outreach and Personalization Challenges

Our conversation then shifted to email outreach and the challenges of personalization. We discussed the trend of using software to pull information from platforms like LinkedIn to create personalized email introductions. However, these attempts at personalization can often be generic and irrelevant. A more targeted and personalized approach is necessary to break through the noise of mass outreach emails. Quantity over quality is currently getting the best results.

Common Mistakes in Email Marketing Strategies

Kyle Stout discussed common mistakes businesses make in their email marketing strategies. Offering discounts in every email trains customers to never pay full price and eats into profit margins. This constant bombardment of discounts also cheapens the value of the products or services being sold. Another mistake is not finding the right email frequency. Smaller businesses often send emails too frequently, overwhelming their subscribers, while larger businesses may not email enough, missing out on opportunities to engage with their audience. As the list grows, it’s important to segment the audience and personalize the content to keep subscribers interested and prevent list burnout.

The Importance of Providing Value in Email Content

I agreed with Kyle’s insights, emphasizing the importance of providing value in email content rather than just focusing on discounts. Customers may be looking for advice or insights on how to use a product or service better. Email marketing can be a challenging area, and I advise seeking the expertise of professionals like Kyle to avoid wasting time and effort on ineffective strategies.

Elevate and Scale: Email Marketing and Retention Marketing Experts

Kyle explained that Elevate and Scale specialize in email marketing and retention marketing for e-commerce businesses, as well as some service businesses. He recommends checking out his YouTube channel, Elevate and Scale, for valuable content on email marketing.

In conclusion, I encouraged viewers to seek out experts in email marketing due to its constantly evolving nature. I thanked Kyle for sharing his expertise and insights. The world of AI and content marketing is vast and ever-changing, and it’s crucial to stay informed and adapt to these changes to stay ahead in the game.

Our Host

John is the Amazon bestselling author of Winning the Battle for Sales: Lessons on Closing Every Deal from the World’s Greatest Military Victories and Social Upheaval: How to Win at Social Selling. A globally acknowledged Sales & Marketing thought leader, speaker, and strategist, he has conducted over 1500 video interviews of thought leaders for Sales POP! online sales magazine & YouTube Channel and for audio podcast channels where Sales POP! is rated in the top 2% of most popular shows out of 3,320,580 podcasts globally, ranked by Listen Score. He is CSMO at Pipeliner CRM. In his spare time, John is an avid Martial Artist.

About Author

Kyle Stout is the founder of Elevate & Scale, a leading email marketing agency that helps direct-to-consumer brands unlock hidden revenue and put their sales on autopilot while spending $0 in extra ad spend. Kyle is an expert on using email marketing to maximize revenue, leveraging AI to scale content production, and all things retention marketing. Kyle has more than a decade of experience in digital marketing starting as a freelance copywriter where he honed his skills in brand storytelling and email marketing. Once he had developed a set of frameworks that worked consistently across different niches, he started Elevate & Scale specializing in email marketing for ecommerce businesses.


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