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Mega-Threats to the Sales Industry
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Mega-Threats to the Sales Industry

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The data you provided earlier consists of four chapters from an ebook focused on identifying and analyzing mega-threats in the sales industry. Chapter 1 introduces the concept of mega-threats and the motivation behind exploring potential dangers specific to the industry. Chapter 2 discusses the first mega-threat, which involves changes in the role of salespeople due to technological advancements. Chapter 3 explores the mishandling of data as the second mega-threat, emphasizing the potential harm caused by mismanagement or inaccuracies. Finally, Chapter 4 addresses the third mega-threat, which is the absence of proper processes and the use of inappropriate technology, highlighting the importance of efficient and coordinated processes within the sales industry.

Chapter #1
General Mega-Threats

Nouriel Roubini has a fascinating bestselling book called MegaThreats: Dangerous Trends that Imperil Our Future, and How to Survive Them. In this book, Roubini lays out 10 trends that seriously threaten our survival. This book got me thinking: are there mega-threats for our industry coming our way? Thus began creation of an ebook on mega-threats to our particular area of endeavor.

Chapter #2
The First Mega – Threat to the Sales Industry

Let’s look at the first sales mega-threat, which deals with the salespeople


While researching this ebook, I turned back to an excellent book that was popular when I first brought my business to the U.S. from Austria a little less than 11 years ago. The book was by Daniel Pink and was entitled ” To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth about Moving Others”. Going back through Pink’s book, I was startled by how much has changed since it was published. Many factors addressed in the book are no longer relevant, mainly due to the incredible advance of technology.

Chapter #3
The Second Mega-Threat to the Sales Industry: Mishandling of Data

The next mega-threat we’ll take up is the mishandling of data. This is a threat to any enterprise—or, for that matter, any organization or even a government. Data could be generally defined as “facts or information.” It is used for evaluating situations, creating understanding, and many other functions. Data, in many forms, is what humans communicate to each other.

There are two basic ways data can be harmful: if it is mismanaged or if it is inaccurate.

Chapter #4
Mega-Threat Number 3 to the Sales Industry—Missing Processes and Wrong Technology

Let’s take up the final mega-threat to the sales industry—missing processes and wrong technology.


Every activity a company undertakes is a process, and these processes must be as efficient as possible. Processes must also be in very tight coordination—otherwise, another process (or individual or group of people) is left waiting up the line.

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